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India’s Coronavirus Battle is not ended yet


Coronavirus cases have been falling for the past few months. Even the cases were under control for the last few months. But the new strain of coronavirus cases has increased again, Britain again brutally infected with the virus.

Coronavirus cases have started to rise again in some states of India as well.

In some Indian states, the number of cases has started increasing.

The cases are increasing at a very fast pace in Mumbai.

Although it is difficult for every state to be normal again, again infection is increasing, it can become a threat to normal people.

However, the situation is challenging for people because they are suffering from employment, lack of occupation, etc.

Even the first wave of coronavirus infection grows so fast.

The situation was out of control again for the whole world.

But still, countries were able to deal with the situation due to lockdown and strict coronavirus regulations. Matters are rising again all over the world, causing the situation to panic.

Some parts of India, such as Maharashtra, have been locked out again.

By the way, Maharashtra is a crowded area.

The reason behind the outbreak of coronavirus cases

Well, there is no reason now the reason behind the increasing cases of coronavirus.

This is a worrying situation that people are getting infected. This is the new phase of the coronavirus.

The number of rapidly increasing cases has also been observed in the surrounding areas. Around 9000 cases were reported in a single day.

People are not following the precautions well

Well as the cases was started drop people are not wearing mask and not maintaining distancing well.

The testing process was slow, social gathering, etc. All these are the cause of the spread of coronavirus.

Cases are increasing not only in Maharashtra but also in Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Punjab.

By the way, the main reason for spreading coronavirus are big weddings, not wearing masks, reopening of the cinema hall, gym, swimming pool, and political rallies, etc.

Has India introduced new pressure of coronavirus?

It is difficult to afford to drop their guards and the states should be cautious about opening  places of mass gathering, testing, tracing and isolation has to be scaled up.

Officials should not wait for the situation to worsen.

If precautions are not taken, the situation will worsen in a few months.

Experts warning about the situation

Well, experts are warning about the situation. They are sure to expect a spike.

Most of the Indian states will be susceptible.

Modeling work and sero survey have been suggested to India.

Mutation may cause

Well, mutations can be a cause. Experts say that viruses often alter mutations in their genetic code.

Mutation allows the virus to spread faster, and in many cases, the antibody is less effective.

The new tension is spreading rapidly.

New mutations can be identified well.

Researchers need more data to research for definitive solutions.

The solution according to experts

According to experts, rapid vaccination and increased testing is the only solution.

This is the terrifying situations for healthcare workers who are tired and exhausted  after battling the pandemic.

But the hospitals are now well prepared.

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