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Infected People Should Also Take Vaccine – Biotech Chairman


According to Bharata Biotech Chairman Krishna Alla, people who are infected with the coronavirus should also take the vaccine.

The vaccine is important for greater immunity to humans. If the person is immune enough to fight the virus, then the person can protect against virus attacks.

India is ready for vaccine distribution 

Now India is well prepared and well planned for vaccine delivery. The chairman of Bharat Biotech spoke on a virtual session on the importance of ance sero surveillance in immunity and safety in the pre and post-vaccination period organized by the industry body.

According to the president of biotech, those people who are infected also required to take a vaccine for good immunity, they may not even have a good T cells.

He also talked about the company’s vaccine efficiency tests, adding that the company has tested 24 centers across the country, dividing the tests into different segments like Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 for greater efficiency.

Biocon chairperson Kiran Mazumdar said that we have to make sure that we carry forward the preparedness of the epidemic. She also said that we have to understand the need for a concerted effort and a very important paradigm that is based on both antigen and antibody testing and that antibody testing is going to be an important one.

Covaxin at phase 3 trials

According to Bharat Biotech, Covaxin has been developed by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the National Institute of Virology. The vaccine is now in Phase 3 trials.

Covaxin can provide antibodies for about 6–12 months. It will provide long-term immunity and T cell to humans. T cell antigens are specific that last long after infection.

Biotechs in India come to other parts of the world with algorithms and paradigms that look like a Covid calculator, which shows which parts of our communities are safe and which already developed antibodies can be opened easily.

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