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Italy again in lockdown phase due to new strain of coronavirus

Lockdown in Italy

Due to the rise in the new strain of Coronavirus, the government has decided once again to lockdown in Italy due to a spike in Coronavirus cases in Italy, therefore, the school will be closed for some time.

Not only schools but shops and restaurants will remain closed in most parts of Italy.

Even the people of Italy have already been warned about the new strain of the coronavirus.

Is there a lockdown in Italy again?

By the way, this lockdown is only for the Red Zone area in Italy, not for any other zone.

Red zone zones will have to stay at their homes for their own safety.

People are suggesting to stay in homes for their security purposes.

People can go out for their work objectives, essential, emergency reasons.

It will be completely closed in Italy from 3 April to 5 April.

Italy was the country most affected by Coronavirus

A year ago Italy was the country most affected by Coronavirus even the death rate was very high.

Italy imposed the first national lockdown in its region.

Well, again there was a rapid spread of infection in the country.

Vaccination in Italy delayed

Well, the vaccination campaign has been delayed in Italy and seen elsewhere in Europe.

The Astra Zeneca company has announced a slight decline in its vaccine supply to European countries.

However, the main reason is the export restrictions imposed by the countries.

The government has imposed export restrictions in Rome last week and has blocked the export of 250,000 doses of Astra Zeneca to Australia to address the shortfall of vaccines.

In other countries as well – Denmark, Norway have stopped the use of Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccines due to fear of blood clots.

According to the WHO, countries should not stop the vaccination but the vaccination process in Italy is delayed.

New Guidelines in Italy!

Well since Monday, new rules have been implemented in Italy.

Schools, shops, restaurants will close in more than half of the country, including Rome and Milan.

Residents of Italy will be required to live in their own homes.

They can only go out for their work, health and other necessary reasons.

As such, the entire country is at high-risk.

The lockdown will affect Italy’s economy

Well, lockdown will affect the economy and people’s mental health defensively but is essential to prevent a worse situation as before.

Strict measures will be followed here to save the country from deterioration.

In Italy, the Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day, the cases have exceeded 25,000 in a single day!

Hospitals and intensive care are already full.

Since around 3.2 million confirmed infections started last year.

European countries are affected

Poland has recorded approximately 21,049 new cases in a single day!

School children are rapidly transitioning to Germany.

The number of coronavirus cases in France also exceeds 4000 cases.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic were also affected due to the non-approval of the EU vaccines.

However, the situation is very challenging. But safety measures will be life-saving for all.

People should make me more aware of the new stress and avoid going to any place that is not mandatory.

The Italian government requests people to stay safe and stay indoors

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