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6 natural home remedies for kidney stones everyone can try at home

Home remedies for Kidney stones

Elderly elders of the household often have treatment for every pain and merge. You may have also heard the elders in your house, such as grandparents or grandparents, saying that drinking 3-4 glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning cures all stomach diseases. There is no doubt, drinking water come under the best natural home remedies for kidney stones since that time, similarly, there are many home remedies that can easily cure major illness. But we are forgetting all natural things and moving towards medicine. But we all know that natural things are natural, which have no side effects, even better cure.

These days a vast masses are having stones problem. This is the main problem with which everybody is facing. Kidney stone causes severe pain in the stomach, and it also causes painful urination. If the urine becomes thick due to some reason, then stones in the body start.

First small grains are formed, later the grains grow, which is called stone. Stony pain sometimes gets out of tolerance. It is challenging to urinate when there is stone and urine stops many times.

There is no age for stone; it becomes at any age.

Let us give you information about the home remedies for appendicitis. Sometimes this disease can also be genetic. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the home remedies that you can try to get rid of stones problem.

What Causes Kidney Stone

When many elements like oxalate and sodium get deposited in the kidneys, they become stable, and they take the form of stones. Also, when we drink less water, the water in the kidneys becomes less filtered.

Due to less water filtering, elements like calcium, uric acid present in the body get trapped in the kidneys, and later they turn into stones. So in a day, we have to drink more water.

Drinking more water is not the perfect solution you should drink pure and healthy water. RO Care India helps all the citizen of India with pure and healthy water. 

Things To Be Avoided In Kidney Stone

Many things should not be destroyed if there are stones. Drinking caffeine-rich substances in stones is not considered right.

Drinking caffeine-rich substances such as tea and coffee increase the problem of stones. Therefore, do not consume these things when you have stones.

Apart from this, you should also avoid eating calcium-rich things. At the same time, if you have this problem, consume as much fluid as you can.

How To Prevent Kidney Stone

One of the trusted and best method to get rid of Kidney stone is to drink plenty of water. Several medical professionals suggested drinking 3-4 liters of water every day regularly. Here are the few more things which are advised by the Doctors

  • Avoid fizzy drink
  • Avoid too much salt
  • Add fresh lemon juice to your water

The do’s and don’t for kidney stone also depends upon the type of stone you are suffering from. Doctor’s advice you to cut several food items according to the kind of stone. 

Home Remedies To Treat Kidney Stones

Here are the 6 best natural home remedies for kidney stones everyone can try at home:

1. Drink Coconut Water

When you have stones, you start drinking coconut water. Drinking coconut water will give relief from stones, and it will come out through urine. Consumption of coconut water twice in a day can be beneficial for those who are suffering from this health issue.

2. Mixture of Coriander seeds, Fennel and Sugar

In one and a half litres of water, keep the sugar, fennel and dried coriander seeds soaked overnight. The next day, you can sieve these things with this water and grind them and mix them in the water. Drinking this solution breaks stones and comes out easily.

3. Avoid high-protein diet

A high-protein diet like Beets, chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, tea, and most nuts also reduces levels of citrate, the chemical in urine that helps prevent stones from forming. Therefore, Avoid these stone-forming foods which are rich in oxalate, and colas are rich in phosphate, both of which can contribute to kidney stones.

4. Limiting Consumption of Green Vegetables, Fruits

Green vegetables and fruits naturally contains oxalate. The dark-green leafy vegetables contains the highest amount of oxalate such as kale, beet greens, okra, spinach, and swiss chard. Other plants that are rich in oxalate include instant coffee, rhubarb, starfruit, soy nuts, tofu, soy yogurt, soy milk, beets, and sweet potatoes. Limiting consumption of these foods may help prevent calcium oxalate stones from forming.

5. Use of Stone Plant

The use of stones in the home remedy of stones also proves useful. The problem of appendicitis can also be avoided by using the stone plant. People suffering from stones should consume the leaves of this plant. Eating stone leaves gives relief from this disease. You take some leaves of the stone plant and grind them well. Then you mix sugar candy in them. Take this mixture daily. Drinking this mixture every day helps to improve the problem of the prostate gland and kidney stone.

6. Drink Water 

Many people believe that drinking water, pure and healthy, help you to get rid of Kidney stone. Also, consider it is a best natural home remedies for kidney stones. But before drinking water, you should ensure that your drinking water is appropriately treated by Industrial RO plant.


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