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The pandemic in India is gradually decreasing

Coronavirus death cases decreasing in India

There are more than 6500000 cases in India and more than 100000 deaths in a country.
India has an average of over 64000 cases per day, with over 86000 cases per day in the last few weeks. And the average daily cases are around 93000 daily and death cases are also decreasing in most states of India. But the trial is still going on extensively.

More than 1.1 million samples are tested on a regular basis in each state of India.
This, therefore, indicates that there is a slowdown in the number of corona cases.

Epidemiologists believe that a decline in active cases and death cases are the sign of an epidemic that is advancing. But high trials and declines in the number of cases may not be the solution for that. Rapid tests are conducted in India. These tests are faster and cheaper but also less reliable. The accuracy of these rapid tests is less than 50%.

PCR testing is a gold standard of testing and is more expensive and results take time.
Scientists will certainly obtain if the government recovers data from PCR and antigen tests.
Epidemiology suggests that India will continue to have a high burden of infection.

About 120–130 million infection antibody tests in India indicate that 90 million Indians had the infection. Even for wildlife, there is fear, it can spread on them as well. So the virus can spread in wildfire too. We just need to try to prioritize our health. We have to recharge our system restock.

There has been a decrease in corona death cases compared to earlier. There are four main stages of an epidemic – spark, rise, peak, and fall, according to a London scientist.

Even the stages can be repeated many times like the swine flu that came in 2009, it accelerates to the peak of summer in July and then peaks in October.

More viruses can change things again. We have to use this epidemic and start our lives again. This is the worst reality. So we just need to keep our mask on, always wash our hands, and avoid going to a crowded place.

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