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The first case of H5N8 Bird Flu virus detect in Humans

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Bird flu has been spreading almost everywhere for the last few months. But earlier it was spreading only to birds but now the first time the virus is detected in humans.

The first case of the H5N8 virus has been found in humans.

The stress of bird flu is being given from birds to humans.

According to officials, seven workers were infected at a poultry farm in Russia.

Well, all seven workers infected with the bird flu virus are feeling well now.

According to their health facilities in Russia, corrective measures were taken to prevent the bird flu virus from spreading to other humans.

Even the matter has been reported to the World Health Organization.

There was no initial signal and capacity to transmit in humans. Well, the case alone was not recovered in humans, but it was first reported in Rassiya.

The world should be well prepared

The whole world should be well prepared to ensure that it does not reach humans. Even Russian scientists are working on developing test systems.

Another strain of bird flu sometimes infects humans and causes deaths.

But the first case of the bird flu virus in humans has been reported in Russia.

We should be well prepared that people are not more infected with the virus otherwise it will continue to spread to humans too and it is difficult to manage in the future. The world is already fighting the coronavirus and it has not disappeared yet.

Safety measures should be taken well by humans so that the virus is not over-infected.

We need to be more careful about the bird flu virus, otherwise, the situation will have to be faced.

Poultry farms should take safety measures so that their workers are not infected with the virus.

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