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It’s time for better mask to prevent from new strain of coronavirus

better masks for coronavirus

There is no doubt in saying that the coronavirus is the world’s most effective pandemic. The total number of death cases has reached to 2.34 Million. Even after developing the vaccine in few countries we are still not free from this virus. The new strain of coronavirus is more powerful than the previous one. The new strain of coronavirus is spreading all over the world. It is time to be more careful and use of better masks to prevent from new strain of the coronavirus.

Scientists suggest better masks

According to scientists, now is the time for better masks as the new strain is more powerful than the previous one.

They are suggestions for better masks such as medical-grade respirators, wearing surgical masks with cloth masks to protect against airborne viruses.

New research says

According to new research, the virus is transmitted in the air, it is not so in the surfaces. Research says that virus droplets can travel up to several meters and stay for more than an hour in the air.

Use Filter Mask

There was a shortage of masks in the early stages of the epidemic. Many people covered their faces with dupattas or cotton towels or hankies. But all of these are not safe to use at all.

The filtration mask has good capability to filter the air and is perfect to use. The chances of leaks allowing the virus and air to enter are minimized in filtration masks.

The use N95 mask

The use of N95 MASK is highly recommended by doctors. Always try to use the N95 mask. It is efficient to use against viruses.

Using multiple layer masks

The use of multiple layers of masks is highly recommended by health experts to protect against the new strain of coronavirus.

You can easily wear the cotton mask with a surgical mask. It is highly effective against coronavirus. But it can also compromise breathing. Air can easily leak from the edges of the virus.

Metal bridge or mask with nose pin

The metal bridge that is found in the surgical mask helps to fit the mask from the nose. It can easily set on your mouth and cover it well.

The air will not leak from all sides.

Masks such as N95, KN95, FFP2 provide the same level of protection against epidemics.

Think smoke

The virus is just like smoke has a chance to enter our mask. Any virus can only be transmitted by speaking and breathing. Therefore, avoid smoking or go outside in the crowded place.

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