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18 Ways to Protect Your Skin from aging

healthy and glowing skin

Everyone wants to look young, attractive and beautiful. Everyone wants healthy and glowing and bright skin. Don’t you really think that our skins are getting dull or unhealthy with age?

Yes it is…

Because your skin is a sign of aging. Sometimes you may have felt that your skin makes you older, even if you are not that old.

You must be thinking, is there any way we can prevent our aging? If yes, what are the methods? How to make our skin healthy and glowing? How can we avoid aging?

Dont worry! Here are simple ways that we have personally experienced them, which will definitely make your look more beautiful and youthful.

Ways for healthy and glowing skin and avoid aging –

1. Always Smile and Be Happy

Well everyone must have heard that happiness and a smile are a secret of a beautiful face. The happy face is always considered smaller than any other facial expression. If the person is sufficiently happy and smiles then they definitely look younger. Smile and happiness make your body healthy all the time and will help you to avoid aging as well.

2. Eat More Grapes, Berries, and other similar Fruits

Eating these fruits actually makes your skin healthy and glowing and makes you look younger. Sweetness and salty is the substance that attracts water and gives a more attractive and youthful face.

3. Touch up Your Hair on Time

With age and time, our hair becomes drier and even our hair looks brown and white.
Avoid overheating the hairstyle. It damages your hair. Always try to use deep conditioning in your hair. Touch your hair with natural color from time to time, then it will make you young and beautiful otherwise white hair can make your face look old.

4. Always Frame Your Face Well

Always frame your face well such as well-groomed eyebrows that can frame your face. It also pays attention to your eyes and makes you more beautiful and young.

5. Moisturize and Cleanse Your Face Regularly

Moisturizing and cleansing always protect your skin and it keeps the skin refreshed, healthy and glowing. Try to avoid soap on your face, this will dry your face and make you look old. Always use a gentle cleanser for natural moisture. Avoid using skin toners that are astringent and alcohol-based. Always moisturize your face in the morning and night.

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6. Apply a good hand cream

According to the study your hands give an estimate of your age. We can estimate the age of a woman by looking at the her hands. Always try to use a good quality hand cream to avoid dryness often during the day. Exfoliate your hands regularly with lemon juice and clean your hands with a toothbrush with sea salt.

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7. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Always try to eat more vegetables and fruits. It helps in your blood coagulation. Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body. Eating more fruits and vegetables improves skin tone and makes your skin more youthful and young. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways that you can avoid your aging.

8. Try to Avoid Heavy Makeup

Try to avoid heavy makeup on your face, it does not allow your skin to breathe. Always try to be natural. Reduced makeup can make your skin look younger, healthy and glowing.

9. Excercise Well

Exercise makes our body always healthy. Like heart exercises for the heart and lungs, stretching also helps to make your body flexible. You can also try yoga and meditation in the early morning which will give you mentally peace.

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10. Drink More Water

Our body requires more water to hydrate and our skin is the largest organ of the human body. This requires more hydration to prevent wrinkles and dryness. Staying hydrated can improve the body’s energy levels and fight against cravings etc.

11. Dress Smart

Always dress in your right size. Try to avoid loose clothing. It makes your body flatter. Clean and tight clothes can make your body look sharp and make you look younger.

12. Try to Choose Core Color

A perfect color can be more fun and youthful. You can accent your outfit with a modern outfit.

13. Choose Right Accessories

Always choose the right accessories to wear. The right accessories can make you look more modern and fresh. It is also helpful in maintaining a youthful presence. Avoid over and unnecessary accessories, it can make your look worse.

14. Go For Perfect Right Footwear

Always try to choose the right shoes for your feet. The size should be perfect, not big enough to spoil your look and not too small so that you feel uncomfortable. A right footwear makes your look more stylish and comfortable and more youthful.

15. Avoid Stress

Stress is the cause of all health issues. Stress makes your cell age. You should always stay away from stress so that your hormones work well and it also activates your endorphins which is a natural pain reliever. It makes you more beautiful and young and help.

16. Include More Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the cause of your glowing skin. Antioxidants fight off the radical and retain a shorter form. Antioxidants also fight against damaged cells and protect skin cells. You can eat orange, strawberry, blueberry, vine paper, and spinach as these are full of antioxidants.

17. Cut out Sugar and Salt

Reduce sugar and salt from your diet. An unhealthy body also needs healthy nutrients. Salt can create inflammation in the body which increases aging. Studies show that a patient with high blood pressure becomes old quickly. Because, Salt also increased aging.

18. Go for Health and a Happy Relationship

Health and happiness can be good for the body and mind. Love releases the good hormone oxytocin which reduces blood pressure and better blood flow. It looks more radiant and young. That’s why we should maintain a happy relationship – A happy relationship is a healthy relationship. A happy relationship make you more happy and happiness is a good factor to avoid aging.

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