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Why is open talk on periods still a concern in India?

Periods in women

Since ancient times, menstruation has become the biggest issue for women in India. Menstrual hygiene is one of the biggest killers of India. Instead of discussing its related issues, we are always hesitant to hide it or talk about it. Only 36% of women in India have proper sanitation, which is not a concern for us? About 23 million girls drop out of school due to problems related to periods, isn’t that a concern for us?

Even in our country, most girls do not know about periods until the first time they happen to them. Girls are ashamed, hesitant, scared, even fatal diseases can occur. But no one speaks on periods because of fear and embarrassment. They are not aware of simple times and ways of maintaining hygiene.

Another issue in India is that women in rural areas use pieces of ripped old clothing, and use it frequently, this can lead to urinary infection. According to a study conducted in 2015, women suffered a urinary infection due to a lack of proper menstrual hygiene.

They are considered untouched during menstruation. Women in rural areas stay in the same room during this period, while they require extra care during this time.

In India, menstruating women are not allowed to enter places of worship due to myth.

Providing adequate menstrual facilities to women in rural areas is a matter of concern, the government needs to take the right steps on this.

India ranked 149th in the 2019 list of 193 countries based on the percentage of elected women representatives in its national parliaments. The representation of women is less in Lok Sabha’s representation in state assemblies. How will the problems of women be considered?

Lack of Awareness

People in our country are not aware enough about periods because no one is willing to talk about it. People hesitate to talk at school, family, friends, even everywhere.

Periods in rural areas are a sign of marriage. If the girls start bleeding then it means that they are ready to get married, isn’t it a concern?

People consider it a sign of shame because we are moving towards a lack of proper solutions and not educating people enough about it.

Sanitary products are exempted from tax

Actually giving basic products to women for their periods is essential for their healthy life.

In our country, we can make Bollywood films tax free but why are hygiene products considered a luxury? Don’t you really think the government needs to determine the basic cost of the products? Determining the basic cost of the product can be a good step towards addressing this problem.

My appeal to our Hon’ble Prime Minister is that sanitary products be exempted from tax so that every woman can get the basic cost.

Final Verdicts

We need to educate our society about periods and their cleanliness. Our girls deserve more than this.

Each girl deserves more care, equal treatment, and more love during this time.

One of the best initiatives by Zomato Company is to provide 10 days periods leave which is a really commendable step for women, even every company should adopt this policy and provide term leave.

A woman is the creator of the world because she gives birth to a child. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter who loves you very much, therefore, she needs extra care these days. Educate your girls for menstruation. Do not hesitate to talk about it, speak it openly, this step can help our girls to reduce their hesitation and shame.

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