How to save a tropical island from rats

save islands from rats

There is a rapid increase in the number of crabs, tree seedlings, rats, sea eggs and chickens, coconut palms in the Central Pacific Ocean.

Rat and palm changed the whole ecology. Some crab species were declining or disappeared completely from sight. Coconut palms damage the delicate range of nutrients. Some birds avoid nesting in the palms as the birds’ overlord, the soil deteriorates compared to the basic nutrients of the forests. The palm beaches are less abundant and there were fewer rays.

The ecological web can be broken by this single species. The island gives us an opportunity for hope and restriction as we can remove these invasive species from the island and see a recovery. This island is important for conservation.

Well, the islands play an external role in our planetary biodiversity. They only covered 5% of our Earth’s land area. The island is also home to 19% of bird species and 17% of flowering plants. Palms are also present in the environment’s poor nutrients.

Seabirds also serve as nutrients, distributing these spots, they live on sheltered trees on branches and fly for fishing when they fertilize their guano well in the soil and water Run that nourishes plankton and algae, Guan has a ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus which is very good for corals.

Islands change when Rats arrive

Which destroy an island’s marine population and nutrient supply. The rat only keeps recycling. Once an island is completely lost getting these nutritious links to the island and reef. The nutrient from the open sea.

Seabird communities have higher levels in the coral reef where rats have introduced.
These nutrients can be affected due to the presence of mice. The rat-free island has a lot of sea fish which is good for infamy and there are more vegetarian reef fish around.

Rats in the Canopy

  • Rats dominated an island, they were in the canopy, they were on the ground, they were under the ground.
  • About 20000 mice lived on Palmyra, their density is 10 times higher and they breed throughout the year.
  • Getting rid of mice and palm is very important for an island.
  • Successful extermination requires all mice to be killed otherwise their population will multiply.

The rule of thumb is that if a single prior art is left on the 1000 hectare island, the place will grow by them and in tropical forests in 2 years. Complete removal is difficult.
Nature is flexible and other humans are engineers themselves.

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