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New parliament building will run for 150 years, with 150% more seating capacity

new parliament building India

Construction of the new Parliament building has now begun and it has over 150 years of life. The seating capacity in the new Parliament House has also increased by more than 150%.

Construction of the New Campus

According to the central government, the national bird of our country will be the subject of a peacock in the interior of the new parliament and the national flower lotus will be included in its subject.

Triangular New Parliament Building

Instead of a double parliament, the new parliament building will be a triangular building with a constitutional hall in which people will be read page by page in an original constitutional and digital form.

This building will have a single section with no floor.

Other premises will have four storeys. Each floor has ministerial and committee rooms.
The first floor has dining space for Member of Parliament vvip and visitors.

The New Entire Building will be Constructed

The new Parliament House will have a central lounge which is proof of an earthquake. The building will be eco friendly and consuming significantly less power. The project will be completed in 2022.

There is a need for a new parliament building in the 21st century. Four national icons will meet in the building. National emblem, the crown of the building, the banyan tree.

Building Construction will be the high security

The building will have high modern security and surveillance. Red stone will be used more from the Rajgriha.

An audio-visual system will be placed in front of each seat. The Ivory Seat has a programmable rule-based microphone that allows for the sound that is found to speak. MPs of every political party will get office space here.

The building will be connected to the Parliament complex with a tunnel. The new parliament building will be more convenient for its ministers and will have more services. There will be more capacity for the seat. The new parliament  will be based on 21st-century services and technology.

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