Elon Musk Developed AI-connected Brain to ‘Secure Humanity’s Future’

In this process, a small AI-chip will be inserted into the human brain. This will be more helpful in the situation when someone suffers from a mental illness.

Human brain technology
Source: Pixabay.

Have you ever thought sometimes, a human brain will be connected from the computer? If not, then think now because it can be possible soon. One of the world’s most famous companies, Tesla’s Chief Executive and Space X founder Alan Musk announced a new plan.

According to this plan, a computer chip will be installed into the human mind. And It will be more helpful in the situation when someone suffers from a mental disease. This will help people. The purpose of this chip is to enable superhuman intelligence in human.

Helpful in treat mental disease

Elon Musk has launched a secret ‘Neuralink’ company two years ago. Now the company has started testing for Brain-Computer Interface technology.

Elon says this device will be helpful for those paralyzed people who are suffering from a neurological disorder. The company believes that this technique will be possible to treat all types of mental illnesses.

Chip will be installed in the human brain  

The company has tested this device(chip) on Mouses and Monkies. As the testing will finish, will think about to launch it. The size of this chip is 4*4 MM. It will be connected by thousands of microscopic threads.

Now the big question is ‘how it will be installed into the human brain? The answer is “This chip will be implanted by drilling from four points into human minds.” The ‘electrode’ of these ‘threads’ will be helpful in monitoring ‘neural Spix’.

Role of electrodes in human mind

These electrodes will not only understand your brain but also help to understand your mental behaviors. These feeds will be stored in the user’s smartphone app.

Elon says that this technique the human brain will be connected to the computer. It is expected to be launched in the second quarter of this year.

How brain-computer interface will work?

This technique is known as a ‘neural link’. It is associated with the insertion of electrodes through the thin-thread in the human brain. It is linked to the human brain through chips and wires.

This chip will be attached to ‘pod’. This will be a removable device. It will fit behind the ears. It will be connected to other devices without wires.

Through this device, brain information will be stored in the computer or smartphone app directly.


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