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Unmasking the Mastermind Behind Mumbai’s Tewari Brothers Fake Website Scam

Tewari brothers website scam

Beware of scams! Read about the man arrested for cheating customers with a fake website scam imitating Mumbai’s famous “Tewari Brothers” sweet shop.

A man was arrested for allegedly creating a fake website of Mumbai’s popular sweet shop “Tewari Brothers” and scam customers as per reports.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, resident Rahul Dogra, 33, posted his personal number on the fake website and asked customers to enter a five-digit confirmation code through Google Pay.

According to the police, the complainant, a 50-year-old working in a school, was searching for Tewari Brothers’ contact information on Google to order sweets for Parsi New Year distribution among teachers and students.

On August 16, she came across a website and called the number listed on the website without realizing it was fake,”

Rahul Dogra, 33, from Agra, Uttar Pradesh, uploaded his personal number to the fake website of the shop and asked customers to enter a five-digit confirmation code through Google Pay to pay.

The complainant-a 50-year-old working at a school-was searching on Google for the contact details of “Tewari Brothers” to order sweets to distribute to students and teachers for Parsi New Year.

According to one of the investigators, while searching for it on August 16, she came across a website and contacted the number listed on it without realizing it was fake.

She was asked to make an advance payment after placing the order for sweets and snacks.

An advance payment of Rs 1,950 will be required before she will receive the sweets and snacks. After making the payment, when she contacted them again for delivery, the accused asked her to share her UPI ID on which she sent the money,” the officer said.

As the woman questioned him, he tricked her into completing the delivery step and deducted Rs 29,991 from her account after she entered the confirmation code 2991.

After Dogra informed her the amount had been deducted from her account, the man again defrauded her of the same amount under the pretext of refunding it.

She later realized she had been scammed and contacted them again asking for a refund, but they stopped answering her calls and later blocked her,” an officer said.

After conducting an investigation, the local police located Dogra in Agra and arrested him.

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