List of Top 10 Most-Popular Angel Investors in India

Among the leading angel investors in the country are founders. Here's a list of top 10 Most-Popular Angel Investors in India.

most-popular Angel Investors in India
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Rightfully as their name suggests, Most-Popular Angel Investors in India were probably sent by the heavens. Extremely affluential, these people provide capital for needy but deserving business start-ups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Moreover, these days many of them are investing online through equity crowdfunding. Organizing themselves into angel networks to pool their capital and also provide advice to portfolio companies.

However, the ground zero for active angel investors has been dynamic as the startups have been evolving and riding the tumultuous wave over the years. There have been few new additions, few losses in the angel list. But who are the ones that you and your startup should be looking for right now?

Finally, here’s a curated list of some of the Most-Popular Angel Investors in India.

1. Rajan Anandan

Managing Director – Sequoia Capital

Managing Director of Google India and also an MIT graduate, Rajan Anandan has been one of the Most-Popular Angel Investors in India. Currently investing in startups spread across India and Sri Lanka, Rajan is also the co-founder of Blue Ocean Ventures, the first seed fund in Sri Lanka. By his own admission, Rajan prefers to invest in B2B startups owned in partnership. However, he doesn’t rule out serendipity at play either! So try your luck pitching to one of the most promising investors (and an active angel investor at that!) in the country. 

Major Domains He Invests In: Big data, Analytics, Online health care, Mobile commerce, Consumer internet, Digital media

Past Investments: Instamojo, Travelkhana, Explara, Social Cops, Letsventure, LBB, PopXo

2. Anupam Mittal

Founder & CEO – People Group

Anupam Mittal, the name behind the Founder People Group and the one to bring revolution in the Indian arranged marriage market. Moreover, with his very successful venture, Anupam Mittal has become a prominent name in the Most-Popular Angel Investors in India network. Backing up almost 50 startups, including the very lucrative Ola Cabs, Anupam Mittal’s portfolio has jumped 10-old in the last couple of years. What works for one of the most active angel investors here? A big market potential, sustainability, and scalability. 

Major Domains He Invests In: Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Healthcare, and SaaS

Past Investments: HackerEarth, Drivezy, Kae Capital, Letsventure, Ola Cabs, Truebil, myHQ

3. T.V. Mohandas Pai

Chairman – Manipal Global Education, Former Director, Infosys

A former chief financial officer of Infosys, Mohandas Pai is a prolifically active angel investor. His focus has mostly been on early-stage investments in technology startups. With a conscious choice to make relatively small investments, his strategy has been that of an opportunistic investor. He is also one of the biggest supporters of women entrepreneurs. No wonder, Shraddha Sharma’s Yourstory got in the right way! Currently, Pai has direct and indirect investments in more than a dozen companies.

Major Domains He Invests In: Technology startups, Consumer internet, Media

Past Investments:  Zoomcar, Zimmber, YourStory, FairCent, Kaaryah

4. Girish Mathrubootham

CEO – FreshWorks

A self-confessed enthusiast of customer support, Girish Mathrubootham is the founder and CEO of India’s most successful Customer support software provider, startup FreshWorks. He is said to have an eye for the right products and is known to have built highly user-centric products. If you have an idea that falls right in this niche and is looking for an angel investor in India, then we’d suggest getting along with him somehow.

Major Domains He Invests In: SAAS, customer support, Enterprise Softwares, Consumer Internet, Education, Content & Listing Platforms 

Past Investments: Whatfix, The Ken, Innov8, GoBumpr, and iService, Unacademy, Factor Daily, Inkmonk, The Ken, Zarget

5. Anand Chandrasekaran

Director – Facebook

He is the former Product head of Snapdeal and currently the Director at Facebook. Yahoo!, Bharti Airtel, and Wynk are a few of the big names he has worked with. As of now, he has made a total of 30 investments in the marketplace, bringing him credibility and recognition as one of the most active angel investors in India.

Major Domains He Invests In: Consumer internet, B2c, and p2p Marketplaces, Fintech and SaaS

Past Investments: LetsVenture, Fynd, InnerChef, Instalively, NoBroker, Wooplr

6. Dheeraj Jain

Director – Redcliff Capital

Dheeraj Jain is the director at London-based Redcliffe Capital and made some value investments last year in almost 7 startups.

With no interference from any other angel network, his strategy has been to go deep into existing portfolios and monitor their growth up close instead of writing a lot of cheques.

Major Domains He Invests In: AI, Internet of Things, Virtual reality, Big data analytics, Healthcare, Biotechnology

Past Investments: Mappr, Burger Singh, ShaadiSaga, Qdesq, JustRide, Deyor Camps, Yumlane

7. Sandeep Tandon

Co-founder – FreeCharge

Alumni of Harvard University, Sandeep Tandon is the Co-founder of mobile wallet FreeCharge and the managing director at Tandon Technology ventures and Infinix Healthcare.

In 2017, he invested in 23 startups including in online lending platform ZipLoan and fashion and store discovery platform Fashalot.

Quite an active Angel Investor in the community, he also serves as a mentor to various technology start-ups.

Major Domains He Invests In: Internet Services, FinTech, Healthcare, Education

Past Investments: Razorpay, Inc42, Tablehero, Unacademy, Fabelio, Remitware Payments, Pocket Aces, Ziploan

8. Anand Ladsariya

Founder – Everest Flavours

Founder of chemicals maker, Everest Flavours, Anand Ladsariya is also an ex-Chairman of CHEMEXCIL. He also holds a reputation in the Indian chemical market and holds dominance to tap Mumbai Angels and Indian Angel Network in search of a disruptive idea. While making decisions and investments, he mostly looks for a strong team while making any additions to his portfolio of more than 90 startups. With such a wide list of investments in his kitty, he is also among the Most-Popular Angel Investors in India.

Major Domains He Invests In: location-based services, customer support tools, content discovery, social media, games, web design sectors

Past Investments: Asiatic, Oyo Rooms, Myntra, Appsdaily, Tonbo Imaging, Uniphore, and Assured Risk, Mobiquest

9. Sanjay Mehta

Founder, MAIA Intelligence

MAIA Intelligence’s founder Sanjay Mehta is also an investor member of Indian Angel Network, Venture Nursery & Mumbai Angel network groups. With a core interest in technology, thanks to his background, Sanjay’s area of interests have been social, mobility, analytics & also cloud. He admits that he mostly invests in any startup for 5-7 years, before looking for exits. Sanjay assists his portfolio companies to help make a connection with the CIO, CTO community and also advises them about advertising, PR, branding & marketing. 

Major Domains He Invests In: Clean technology, Enterprise Softwares, Consumer internet and Healthcare

Past Investments: Loginext, Lawrato, OYO, Box8, Orange Scape, Fab Alley

10. Gokul Rajaram

Caviar Lead – Door Dash, Founder – Chai Labs & Flight.VC, Ex-Product Director- Facebook

Also, an ex-product director at Facebook, Gokul Rajaram is the founder of Chai Labs and Flight.VC while. Currently, a Caviar Lead at Square, Gokul is rightfully known as a consummate product and technology stalwart. A graduate of MIT, University of Texas, and IIT Kanpur, he has been consistently investing and advising since 2008 in early-stage technology startups. Nonetheless, the caliber and vision of the team is the single-most determining factor for his investments

Major Domains He Invests In: Saas, Internet Services, Analytics & AI, Media & Entertainment

Past Investments: LivSpace, Edu Fire,, Buffer, Loop, Flipora, Whatfix

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