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Is your business in need of better guidance to attract customers or will rebranding do the trick? If the latter is the solution, then you have landed at the right place. Rebranding a business is a whole new ball game. There are have been examples of rebranding disasters that left those who thought about it jobless, and there have been victory stories of those who completely turned the tables with their brilliant strategies.

We are here to tell you how to dodge the bullet by learning from the disasters and take tips from victories. Dive deep into the blog to check out strategies on how you can successfully rebrand.

What is Your Purpose?

Why are you rebranding? What is the story you want to tell? Having the answers to these two questions will make it easier for you to get started with the entire process. When you rebrand you need to tell your clients, customers, and employees the reason behind it. Apart from raising the numbers and doing better in terms of organizational profit, there needs to be a story linked with it.

It could be for reaching out to a younger audience, for keeping up with the trend, or simply because you like the new logo better. Whatever it is, must be explained and analyzed which will help you find the right path to rebranding.

Keep Your Audience Updated

Your customers will be your biggest audience and critique of your rebranding, which is why you need to keep them abreast of the changes. Let them know that you are rebranding and your reason behind doing so. This does not mean you throw a slew of advertisements and promotions towards them, it simply means giving them an idea to keep them in the loop.

Pay Attention to Your Target Audience

If the reason you are rebranding is to reach a new audience then make sure you do thorough research on them. Create buyer personas and experiment with focus groups to ask for their opinion and feedback. Say you are merging with another company or giving yourself away to a parent company, you must stay consistent and original in some ways. Your audience should not feel alienated.

Use professional websites to get mails of professionals who can help you with marketing strategies and give you advice on how to go about rebranding.

Be Consistent

When you are trying out a new logo, keep the theme of your brand consistent. Try tweaking the same color palette and play around with similar fonts, unless you have a whole new cutting edge idea. If you completely change the brand, it will be difficult to remember. At the same time spending so much money on rebranding will be a waste if you only make tiny changes here and there that don’t do any good. In short, don’t be as lazy as Yahoo or as extravagant as Gap or Master Card.


Rebranding is always a risk to take but before you jump the gun you must do your research and spend a heavy amount of time taking feedback. It must be discussed with your employees and you should have contingency plans ready in case things go south. Rebranding is not the solution to low traffic but it surely is worth the risk if done right.

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