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Tata Nexon gears up to Launch Aston Martin DB12 in India this September

Tata Nexon DB12 Aston Martin

August saw a number of car launches, including the affordable Tata Punch CNG and the premium Audi Q8 e-tron. Tata Nexon gears up to launch Aston Martin DB12 in India this September. As the festive season kicks in in September, the momentum will only pick up. There are a range of cars that will hit the market ranging in price from under 10 lakhs to close to 5 crores, making it easy for people of varying budgets to find the right car for them.

DB12 Aston Martin

In India, the Aston Martin DB12 sports car, the successor to the DB11, will be unveiled on September 29 at a price of around $4.8 crore. Featuring a 4-litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine from Mercedes-Benz, this ultra-premium sports car offers a top speed of 325 km per hour. It will compete with McLaren GTs and Ferrari Romas that are already available.

EQE Mercedes-Benz

A Mercedes-Benz EQE is expected to launch in India in the first half of September, making it Mercedes-Benz’s second electric car in the country. It’s expected to be over a crore in price. In addition to its 56-inch Hyperscreen, which features three displays, the Mercedes-Benz EQE is expected to come with a 90.6kWh battery pack, offering a range of up to 433 km. One of the highlights of the car is its MBUX-powered Hyperscreen, which offers up to 433 km on a single charge.

Recharging the Volvo C40

It is expected that the Nexon EV will also receive a facelift on September 14, making it India’s third EV launch ever. Just like its ICE counterpart, the Nexon EV will feature a revamped design with a split headlamp design. It is expected to retain its existing battery pack, which will deliver a range of up to 453 kilometers.

Nexon Tata

On September 14, Tata Motors is expected to launch a facelift version of its Nexon SUV. It is expected to feature a revamped design, including a split headlamp design, an updated interior, and a large 10.25-inch infotainment screen. A 1.5-litre diesel engine and 1.2-litre petrol engine will be available.

Nexon EV from Tata

This month, the Nexon EV is expected to get a facelift along with the Nexon, making it the third EV to be released in India. As with its ICE counterpart, the Nexon EV is expected to feature a split headlamp design. The battery pack is expected to remain the same, providing a range of up to 453 km.

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