6 Tips to Starting An Amazon FBA Business

Starting an Amazon FBA Business

People can make millions by selling on Amazon. However, it’s far more difficult than simply starting a seller account and putting anything up there. You need a detailed business plan and a great product idea. To get you started, here are 6 tips for starting an Amazon FBA business. 

1. Perform keyword and product research

The best products to sell on Amazon are the ones that have a high enough demand and low competition. The way to find out if a product has potential is by doing some research. Don’t just try running products through Amazon’s search bar, as it doesn’t always provide accurate data due to listing optimization.

Start off by searching for the product on Amazon. Check out which categories it is listed in, how many reviews it has, and the best selling ranking. This will give you an idea of whether or not this product can be successful. Once you have found a promising product, do some research on Google with search terms like “best _________”, “top 10 _________”, etc. If most of the results are coming from Amazon or none at all, then it means that there is too much competition for that product. 

2. Optimize for Amazon’s Buy Box

The Buy Box is a product page that Amazon suggests to its customers. It’s only available for certain products, which are determined by Amazon. The seller with the best offer has the Buy Box. Many sellers have complained about Amazon taking over their inventory because Amazon is buying it from them directly. This doesn’t apply to FBA sellers, though. FBA sellers are the only ones who can have their products listed in Amazon’s buy box. 

3. Get quotes for shipping and packaging early on

Depending on your product, it may be too heavy to ship for a low price. To get the best deal for your shipment, you should get quotes from different companies. Also, be aware that large item shipping is different from your standard UPS or FedEx shipping. 

4. Optimize your listings for search and conversions

Amazon has millions of products, so it’s not the best source for traffic. Facebook is a great alternative to reaching customers who would be interested in your product. You could also use Twitter and other social media platforms too. But marketing on Amazon itself is still very important if you plan on becoming successful there. Optimizing your listings will help with both search and conversion. 

5. Balance your prices for exposure and profits

When you start selling on Amazon, it can be tempting to price your products as low as possible. However, this may not always give the best outcome. If you set your prices too low, other sellers will also follow suit and compete with you on price. This leaves no room for profit. On the other hand, if you price too high, you leave yourself vulnerable to competitors. This can be seen as price gouging and makes customers look elsewhere. 

6. Proactively manage inventory to reduce storage fees

When you first start an Amazon FBA Business chances are your inventory will be small. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of it. If your products aren’t moving and you don’t need to hold on to them, then get rid of the ones that aren’t selling. You can do this by selling them on Amazon or even finding a local buyer that is willing to purchase your product locally.

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