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Top Factors to Consider before Buying A Solar Inverter

Solar Invertor Installation

The market is flooded with all types of solar inverters and for most of us the solar inverter price is the most important factor that plays in our mind whenever thinking of buying one. Even though pricing is very important since we all have particular budgets that we want to stick with, it isn’t the only thing that’s important when it comes to choosing the ideal solar inverter. Pricing is directly proportional to an inverter’s load handling capacity, the technology on which it’s based and the type of inverter that you want to buy. 

In this article, we are going to take a brief look at these factors that play an important part in the final pricing of the inverter, so that you understand the solar inverter price comparison better.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Solar Invertor

1. Load Requirement 

Load requirement plays a crucial role in the pricing because the more load the inverter needs to handle means the more powerful an inverter got to be. The higher the VA or Volt Ampere of an inverter, the more load it can handle, so an inverter’s pricing is heavily dependent on its load handling capabilities.

Depending on the number of appliances you want to run off the auxiliary power, you might end up spending either a bit more or less based on your chosen inverter’s load handling capability. 

2. Technology

The controller technology used in a solar inverter is another crucial factor in the solar inverter price. Let’s take a look at the 2 technologies that you can opt from and how they differ from each other. 

PWM- Pulse Width Modulation 

These work like a basic electric switch and helps in keeping the voltage of the solar array similar to the battery’s voltage[1]. In case of a difference of voltage between the two, it works by bringing down the solar array’s voltage to match that of the battery’s. However, this is an inefficient method as it results in power wastage because it forces a solar panel with higher power producing capacity to function at lower voltages.

MPPT- Maximum Power Point Tracking 

They work differently as compared to the PWM types and ensure that the solar arrays function at its optimum while delivering power. Unlike a PWM controller, it keeps a real-time track of the voltage and modulates the output voltage to match the battery’s voltage without hampering efficiency, resulting in maximum power output and faster charging for the battery unit. 

Both types of controllers have their own advantages. The MPPT solar controllers a tad expensive and are best for commercial establishments where the power requirement is on the heavier side. While the PWM type controllers are ideal for homes that typically have a low to average power requirement.

3. Type of Inverter

We have varied requirements and those requirements play a critical part on the type of inverter we have to choose to meet those requirements. For example, someone looking to live completely off-the-grid will typically need to spend more compared to someone looking for a basic power backup. 

Let’s have a brief look at both of these of these inverter types.

Grid-Tie/On-Grid Inverters

This type of solar inverter units is connected to the local grid and aren’t exclusively dependent on the solar panels to generate power. Therefore, in case there is a deficit in power, it can draw additional power from the grid to keep the system going. 


The reason they are more expensive is because they are completely independent of the main grid and generate 100% power themselves to power your home. Therefore, they need more power and battery units to generate and store energy to be used on a daily basis as well as exigencies caused by climatic conditions where the sun might not be visible for days to come. 

Final Verdict

The solar inverter price is a reflection of an inverter’s power, technology and usability; therefore, whenever you are comparing multiple inverters, always check their individual stats to know what they are all about to determine whether the price is justified or not, and never choose an inverter based on its pricing alone. 

There are wide a range of solar inverters available in the market with across a range of budgets and power requirements. So, whether you are looking for backup to want to go independent for your energy needs, there’s one inverter that’s perfectly suited for your unique requirements. Don’t forget to check out their entire catalog right away!

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