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Solar panel installation

Whenever you hear about solar panels, you also hear about issues such as performance, shadow problems, or panel breakdowns.We will share information about solar panel installation with you in this blog. Expert installers say that if a solar panel is not installed correctly, you may encounter too many problems within a few days, months, or years.

Let’s see how to do a quality solar panel installation that will last for many years and provide you with long-term benefits. Before moving forward, let’s review the different types and elements that make up the Solar System.

What is a Solar Energy System?

The functioning of a solar energy system is determined by four main components.

  • Panels for solar power
  • Inverter
  • Solar Batteries
  • Likewise, a panel stand would be needed
  • Accessories for solar panel installation

Different types of solar energy systems can be used according to your needs and location.There are two types of solar energy systems:

  • (Off Grid Solar System) Solar Panel with Battery
  • Solar panel without batteries (On-Grid Solar System)

Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2021

The average rate of solar panel installation is about 30%. Per watt, it costs Rs. 7. The further quotation described as:

 System SizeCost Per Watt (in Rs.)
1 kW₹ 7,000
2 kW ₹ 14,000
3 kW ₹ 21,000
4 kW ₹ 28,000
5 kW ₹ 35,000
6 kW ₹ 42,000
7 kW ₹ 49,000
8 kW ₹ 56,000
9 kW ₹ 63,000
10 kW ₹ 70,000

You can either hire an EPC installer or do it yourself. Here’s a simple and easy installation guide for an off-grid solar system.. By reading this blog, a prospective solar buyer will understand how to install solar panels on his own. We have already discussed the installation of a 1 kW rooftop solar system.

Here are the simple steps to install solar panels

1. Solar Panel Installation Made Easy

Is it necessary to face the solar panels in one direction or the other?

The mounting structure is the foundation of your entire solar system, so ensure it is sturdy and securely attached to the rooftops of your house or business.. Typical mounting structures are made of aluminum. Solar panels perform better if they are oriented in the right direction. In order to receive the most sunlight, solar panels should be facing south. Directions east and west are also effective. The only direction where we shouldn’t put our panels is north. The south direction is most effective here given that India is in the northern hemisphere.

mounting structure for solar panel

The Rooftop Solar Mounting Structure is used to fix solar panels on a roof. Polycrystalline and mono-crystalline panels can be fixed with it. An electrical structure of 1 kW is available for purchase on There are four 270-watt panels you can connect.

What angle should you install solar panels?

Depending on where you are located (the latitude in any part of the globe), you need to determine the tilt angle of the solar panel. Generally, it is believed that modules placed at a tilt angle equal to the latitude of the location would generate the maximum amount of energy. A solar tracker also used to increase conversion efficiency

Step – 2: Assemble Panels

We will attach solar modules to the solar structure once it has been accurately fixed. In order to make sure that solar modules are properly secured and last a long time, all nuts and bolts should be connected to the solar structure.

rooftop solar panel installation in delhi ncr, india

Step-3: Electrical Wiring

Connect solar panels with MC4 connectors. Solar panels of all types connected with these universal connectors. MC4 connectors simplify and speed up the wiring of solar arrays. 

Some modern solar modules come with MC4 connectors as part of the wire leads while others have a junction box on the back where the wires exit. When you hook up two modules in series, you must connect each module’s positive wire with the negative wire of the other module. Positive and negative leads connected in parallel in a parallel connection.. Parallel connections maintain the voltage of each panel, while series connections increase the voltage to match the battery bank.

solar panel wire connection with mc4 connectors

Step-4: Connection between Panel and Solar Inverter

Below is a picture showing where the solar panel wires connect to an inverter. Connect the negative wire of the inverter to the negative terminal of the inverter. Connect the positive wire of the solar panel with the positive inverter terminal. 

Additionally, the inverter output cable needs connected to the battery wire. An inverter combined with solar panels, solar battery, and grid input generates electricity. The output of a series of solar modules connected to the input of an inverter. During the connections, turn off the inverter.

Connection between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter

Step-5: Connection between Inverter and Solar Battery

In an off-grid solar system, Battery is mandatory where used to store power backup. This battery connected with a To store power backup in an off-grid solar system, batteries are mandatory. Battery connected to solar inverter and grid to recharge. Positive terminals on the battery and inverter connected.

Connection between Solar Inverter and Solar Battery

Step-6: Connection between Inverter and Grid

Plug the inverter into the main power switchboard so that it receives power from the grid. There is also a connection between the output wire and the board supplying electricity to the house. 

We need a metering device to determine how much excess energy the solar system is generating. Inverters need the positive and negative wires connected to the positive and negative terminals, respectively.

Connection between Solar Inverter and Grid

Step-7: Start Solar Inverter through Panel & Grid

After all the connections done, we sWe switch on the mains when all the connections are complete. On the digital display, you can see the total amount of energy generated by the solar panel during the day, and the voltage and current (amp) it supplies.

Start Solar Inverter through Solar Panel & Grid

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