Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan: A game-changer for India

Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan: A game changer for India

Presently, Mumbai’s climate action plan works on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

The Climate Action plan proposed by Mumbai is to energize various large towns. 

Perhaps, MCAP might utilize these larger towns for creating their action strategies.

Furthermore, Mumbai’s plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions might require MCAP’s implementation through popular participation. 

However, the implementation of MCAP is a mere beginning. 

After all, with net-zero carbon emissions, Mumbai might be in the center of significant greenhouse gas generation. 

Furthermore, Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan is to seek help from Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard. 

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard defines carbon emissions in 3 different scopes, 

  • The 1st Scope covers the emissions released directly by an entity.
  • Scope 2 covers the emissions released during energy generation for an entity. 
  • Scope 3 covers the emissions released by what the entity produces.  

How does Mumbai plan to implement MCAP (Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan)?

The Climate Action Plan by Mumbai to achieve net-zero carbon emissions works on various aspects to cut down carbon emissions. 

Presently, the implementation of the Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP) focuses on the following areas:

  • Energy-based Building management.

Implementation of energy-efficient buildings is becoming more vital for the fight against Climate Change.

Furthermore, energy-efficient buildings bring along cost-effectiveness and play a vital role in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions.  

  • Implementing Sustainable Mobility 

Presently, Road Transport is the major contributor to Carbon Emissions.  

After all, 90% of carbon emissions is a byproduct of everyday increasing road transport. 

However, Implementing Sustainable mobility will not just reduce these Carbon Emissions but can help sustain economic development. 

  • Sustainable Waste Management

The Climate Action Plan proposed by Mumbai focuses on Implementing Sustainable Waste Management. 

Moreover, MCAP’s strategy for accelerating Waste management is a significant shift from recycling to waste prevention. 

Furthermore, Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan also focussed on implementing Urban Greenery, Enhanced Air Quality, Sustainable Water management, etc. 

According to the Greenhouse Gas protocol standard, achieving net-zero carbon emissions require rigorous plans. 

However, is Mumbai ready to primarily achieve net-zero in the city and achieve ‘net-zero in all three scopes of Greenhouse Gas emissions?  


Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan might motivate other large towns to create their action plans. 

However, such plans require the State and Central Government’s coordination in making these plans effective and efficient. 

Perhaps, the Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP) might be a stepping stone in India’s mission to achieve net-zero by 2050. 

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