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PM Modi offers President Biden India’s food stock

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered US President Biden India’s food stock. 

Given the current geopolitical crisis, the food crisis is rising globally. 

If WTO permits, PM Modi can offer President Biden India’s food stock

PM Narendra Modi said, “today the world is facing an uncertain situation as nobody is getting what they want.”

“Petrol, oil and fertilizers are hard to procure as all the doors are getting closed.”

“Everybody wants to secure their stocks after this (Russia-Ukraine) war began.”

Furthermore, he said, “the world is facing a new problem now; the food stock of the world is getting empty, I was talking to the US President, and he also raised the issue.”

“I suggested that if WTO permits, India is ready to supply food stock to the world from tomorrow.”

He added, “We already have enough food for our people but our farmers seem to have made arrangements to feed the world.”

“However, we have to work according to the laws of the world, so I don’t know when WTO will give permission and we can supply food to the world.”


As the Russia-Ukraine war hovers, the food crisis continuously rises. 

India has suggested offering India’s food stock to US President Biden during such trying times. 

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