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India’s Ola taxi app ban in London due to safety issues

Ola taxi app ban in London

The Ola company has been operating in London since February. Transport for London (TfL) said the firm had failed more than 1000 trips made by unlicensed drivers. The decision is appealed and is 21 days, they can operate in time as per the rules.

The Transport Authority said Ola did not report for the failures. The report states that Ola’s operating model uses unlicensed drivers and vehicles. Therefore, more than 1000 passenger trips are at a safety risk.

If Ola appeals that they can continue to work and drivers can continue booking on behalf of Ola, they will carefully check to ensure the company’s safety as they cannot compromise safety.

Uber clearly wins here as they start working in Cardiff in 2018 and they later spread to other parts of the united state. Uber works with TFL to ensure safety and works in a very transparent manner.

Uber drivers can still be assured that they will continue to work in the best way possible to ensure the safety of their passengers. Still providing the safe and reliable capability for London. Uber secured its rights and continued to operate in London.

Uber actually works well so far for the duration of their debut in London, they provide security measures to their passengers. Ride Helling has been granted a new license to work in London, after one year his application was rejected.

Ola is dying for her own reasons without a driver. It is because of the mistake of his company that the company has acted as Transport Authority on the safety issues for his passengers.

The magistrate heard that 24 uber cab drivers shared their accounts with 20 others, leading to 14788 unauthorized rides. Therefore uber does a great job on their principal for the safety of their passengers.

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