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Despite the omicron surge, Oil prices touch the skies as the demand hikes globally.

Oil prices surge despite the rise of Omicron

A sigh of relief for the Oil industry as these yearly gains are a clear sign of bouncing back from the Covid crisis. 

The world is still facing the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Within the midst of such a crisis, the surge of omicron infected victims is like adding oil to the fire. Such a steep incline proves that an infectious covid variant can add havoc. Like every other industry, the oil industry suffered massive losses during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Although, despite Covid-19 and surge in the Omicron variant, the Oil industry shows signs of a miraculous rebound. It is no secret that a robust increase in Oil demand is the aftermath of strong and influential economic practices. As per Monday morning of December’21, oil prices were closed at nearly 2.5% higher and now trading over $75 per barrel. 

Supporting factors behind the global oil demand

The fact that prices of crude oil are touching heights. As the world economy begins to recover, we witness a steep incline in global oil demand. The hike in prices is one thing, and sustaining it is another. It is no secret that a low crude oil supply from the US is a major contributing factor towards maintaining such elevated Crude oil prices. 

We are witnessing a significant surge in prices, especially within the power industries. With significant coal shortages globally, the demand for Oil increases and achieves a stronghold in maintaining such elevated prices. 

What plans do oil-producing countries have for the future?

According to the reports after the latest meeting amongst the world’s major oil producers, the crude oil supply will increase by 400,00 barrels per day. One thing is sure that these oil-producing countries have bigger plans than one would have imagined. 

After all, an increase of just 400,000 barrels per day is still nearly 25% less than its demand and production levels. Although, enhanced oil prices might pull breaks on the revival of the global economy. It is no secret that while the world faces significant energy crises, the world’s biggest oil producers might stay firm in restraining the oil supply. 

Although, the reason behind restrained supply might be the signs of declined oil consumption in Asia. The weakened Crude oil market structure due to the Covid crisis might turn out to be the leading factor behind a stabilized oil supply and its demand. 

In Conclusion,

The global attempts to strengthen the world’s economy have led the oil industry towards a significant rebound from the covid crisis. Despite the uncertainties caused by a surge in the omicron virus, the oil industry is making its way towards yearly gains. 

Today, the entire world is a witness of oil prices and demands touching exponential heights since 2018. Perhaps, the rising oil prices due to increased demand might threaten the developing world’s plans of reviving the economy after the Covid and during the omicron crisis.

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