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Coronavirus vaccination to start in Russia next week – Putin order

Coronavirus vaccination to start in Russia next week

Russian President Putin ordered officials to start the Coronavirus vaccination in his country from next week.

He called for the work to be organized so that they could begin vaccinating Putin on a larger scale.

According to Putin, teachers and health care workers will get the first vaccination.
As we all know that Russia registered more than 25,345 coronavirus cases within 24 hours.

The total death cases in the country are 41,053.

Sputnik V is vaccinated from Russia, so they plan to have their citizens vaccinated from next week. Large scale coronavirus vaccination has already been ordered.

Vaccination from next week

He also said that Russia has produced about 2 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.
Sputnik V is also tested on volunteers in India and is priced below Rs 700.

According to the data Sputnik V IS is 91% efficient. Even other vaccines show their efficacy, such as Pfizer-Biotech 95%, Modern 94.5%, and Oxfordastrazenica, Sputnik V show 70% lower protection.

Sputnik V relies on only 39 cases which is too low for efficiency. The vaccine is successfully attacking the spike protein and shows protection.

Well Sputnik V has been developed for epidemiology and microbiology at the Gamalaya National Research Center and is being funded and promoted by RDIF.

RUSSIA was tested on 40,000 volunteers which showed good results. The efficiency rate is 60% effective for everyone and 90% is at 20% Population.

The Russian vaccine is used in two different areas based on human trials which shows a long and strong immune response to the two doses. The good vaccine is showing positive results against the coronavirus epidemic. The vaccine will provide strong immunity to humans.

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