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India is the largest buyer of Coronavirus Vaccine in the world with 1.6 billion doses

India coronavirus vaccine

India has a population of about 135 crore people. Due to the large population, the virus is also spreading rapidly here. Every country is starting to order the Coronavirus vaccine.

India is the largest buyer of Coronavirus vaccine with 1.6 billion doses. These 1.6 billion doses can cover 60% of its population.

According to Global Analysis, India will cover 800 million people with this order
which is almost 60% of India’s population.

India has already purchased 500 million Oxford vaccines – Stareneca, one billion vaccines from Novavax, a US-based company, and 100 million Sputnik V FROM RUSSIA supplements.

India has confirmed about 1.6 billion doses from three vaccine companies. It is the largest buyer of vaccines in the world.

According to the European Union, India is the largest buyer of the Coronavirus vaccine. As the India has already confirmed 1.58 billion doses while other countries have only purchased billions of doses.

Each country devises a strategy to protect its country’s population. Countries with great manufacturing potential, such as India and Brazil, are successfully negotiating major advance market commitments with leading vaccine agreements.

The data is based on reports from government officials. According to India’s Health Minister, 400-500 million corona vaccine doses were estimated to be available for a population of 25 to 300 million. All vaccines are already booked by India and the manufacturer is an Indian company like Oxford-Strzeinica, Serum Institute of Novavax in India Hyderabad by Dr. Reddy in Pune, Sputnik-V.

Well, India’s vaccine has also been recorded in phase 3 trials. Bharat Biotech and Zidus-Cadila make 400 million doses annually.

In India, the government expects that 250 million population will be vaccinated by 2021.

The problem is difficulty in making and reaching billions of doses in a short time. 60% of the population will avoid developing coronavirus after vaccination. Most of the people will have enough immunity to fight the coronavirus.

The first 500 million doses will include – 250 million people such as frontline workers, healthcare workers, sanitization services, emergency services, security service and elderly people are more than 65 years. There is no estimate of the community required for vaccination to reach the herd of immunity.

The vaccine is a two-doses vaccine regimen

Coronavirus vaccination is a one-time exercise will be provided in two-doses. Vaccination will provide long-term immunity. It is really difficult to know how many people will be vaccinated, for this multi-level transportation, cold storage, etc. is needed. Those previously vaccinated will be at high occupational risk of infection.

3.8 million in high-income countries, 829 million doses in upper-middle-income countries, low-income groups with incomes exceeding 1.7 billion.

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