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Affordable Home Buyers’ EMIs Jump Over 20% in Last 2 Years

Mumbai, 2 August 2023: In the Indian residential real estate market, affordable housing suffered the greatest impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – and unlike the other segments, has not recovered in the last two years. With buyers of this segment increasingly desisting from purchase decisions, affordable housing sales are languishing, and developers have accordingly curtailed its

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Can You Get Car Financing with a Bad Credit Score?

Many of us prefer to choose a finance option to help us purchase a new car. Car finance means you don’t need a lump sum to have access to a new vehicle and allows you to split the payments into more affordable chunks. But applying for car finance can be daunting, especially if you’ve previously

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Long Covid’s Scar on the Credit Industry

It may be around three years now since the start of the COVID lockdowns but, in financial terms, they are still having a huge impact on many of us. Covid affects almost 38% of people falling in to debt; majority of the credit card holder – Credit card payments are still in due. That’s not

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BFSI Sector Takes the Lead in Fintech Hiring, Prioritizing Employee Satisfaction

A strong increase in hiring activity is expected in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector in the coming year, with companies planning to hiring 26% more people than they do now. According to Great Place To Work’s Best Workplaces in BFSI in 2023 report, fintech firms led the way with a 41% increase

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More than half a trillion dollars wiped off from US banking system, recent data suggests

It seems like the US banking crisis is not over yet. On May 1, 2023, the regulators decided to seize debt-ridden First Republic Bank (FRB) and sold all of its deposits and majority of its assets to the biggest bank, JPMorgan Chase. This was done to limit the turmoil in banking sector. However, despite almt

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Top 50 Companies in India by Market Capitalization

Welcome to the fascinating world of Indian business! In this article, we will explore the 50 top companies in India, showcasing the giants that have played a significant role in shaping the country’s economy. The HDFC Bank with $127.15 billion market capital, it comes to the first position. Following that, Infosys Limited with $76.80 billion

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Top 10 Safest Banks In India to put your Hard-Earned Money

In India earning money is an easy task when compared to investing or putting that Hard-Earned money in a Bank. We all always want to put our Hard Earned Money in Top Safest Banks In India. Putting your money in Bank is the best option in India, as compared to any other option. Because Banks

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Why Guaranteed Returns Insurance Plans May Not Be a Wise Choice – Here’s Why

It is likely that you have seen advertisements promising guaranteed returns in the form of a monthly income after investing for a certain period of time. The ads usually say: If you invest ₹15,000 a month for 25 years, you’ll make ₹40,000. Guaranteed return plans are basically insurance plans. They sound appealing, because who wouldn’t

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Refinansiering: Why Use This Option & How To Do It

If you have taken out a loan some time ago, or if the people you know have perhaps done that, then you are bound to start hearing about refinansiering options at one point or another. Everyone definitely starts thinking about this at a certain point and you are most likely not going to be an

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