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2021: Gautam Adani weekly wealth addition of Rs 6,000cr

2021: Gautam Adani weekly wealth addition of Rs 6,000cr

2021 made Ahemdabad based businessman Gautam Adani the 12th richest man globally. 

Presently, Mr. Adani’s Net worth is at $81 billion. After all, earning Rs 6000 crore every week makes Gautam Adani the wealthiest man in the world. 

Moreover, 2021 took Gautam Adani’s wealth to another scale of nearly $50 billion. 

Interestingly, Gautam Adani more than doubled his income during the last year. 

Gautam Adani’s climb from 313 to 12th richest person globally!

According to Hurun Global Rish List of 2022, Gautam Adani earned Rs 6000 Crore every week. 

Furthermore, Gautam Adani’s wealth grew up to 1830% over the past decade.

Perhaps, the Ahmedabad-based businessman’s jump from 313 to 12th most affluent man happened over the past decade. 

Moreover, Gautam Adani increased his wealth by 153% last year. 

According to the Director of M3M India, Mr. Pankaj Bansal, “59 percent of India’s billionaires are self-made; thus the coming generation’s entrepreneurs are not just financially wise but asset-rich and investment vibrant as well.”

The Director further mentions, “Even gender equality has been on its peak with women outranking men across industries.”

What are Future Plans for Adani Group Companies, since earning Rs 6000 crore weekly? 

Several Adani Group Companies have made their place on the share market. 

  • The Adani Enterprises 
  • Adani Power 
  • Ports and SEZ
  • Transmission 
  • The Adani Green Energy 
  • Adani Total Gas 
  • Adani Wilmar 

Moreover, some of these companies played a vital role in Gautam Adani’s increasing wealth. 

Interestingly, after Adani Green Energy’s listing, Mr. Adani enhanced his wealth from $17billion to $ 81 billion. 

Surprisingly, Gautam Adani’s income growth is faster than the top three billionaires globally, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bernard Arnault. 

Furthermore, Gautam Adani’s accomplishment of earning Rs 6000 crore every week is proof of his income growth. 


As per Hurun Global Rich List, Gautam Adani earned Rs 6000 crore every week in 2021. 

Furthermore, making Mr. Adani the 12th richest man globally, with a Net Worth of $81 billion. 

According to Adani’s new Industries report, Mr. Adani’s plan is towards green and solar energy. 

Furthermore, Adani Group might take on green hydrogen projects, solar modules, generating low carbon electricity, and manufacturing wind turbines. 

Perhaps, the world might witness more accomplishments from the Adani Group of Companies. 

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