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Most dangerous viruses laptop sold for 9 crore in auction

Most dangerous viruses laptop
  • There were such viruses in the laptop, which damaged for around 6.64 lakh crores of computers worldwide.
  • Wanna Cry Virus contained in it spoiled computers in 74 countries

A laptop in the United States of America was auctioned. The simple look of this laptop is not a common device, but it is full of dangerous digital viruses that have damaged the world nearly 6.64 lakh crore. Not only this, but there are also feeds of viruses in laptops, which have damaged computers in 74 countries. The laptop was bought in the auction for about one million pounds (about 9 crore rupees).

The six viruses that made this laptop popular all over the world include the Wanna Cry ransomware virus. Wanna Cry is the same virus, due to which the UK’s National Health Service (Health Services) had completely stalled in 2017. Apart from this, I Love You, My Doom, Dark Takaya, Sleep Big, and Black Energy Virus are also fed in the device.

This laptop is kept in a Vaccum

The idea of how dangerous this laptop is, it can be gauged from the fact that it is kept in a separate vacuum from electronic devices and cables. Its Internet and connectivity ports (USB and network sockets) are also locked so that the virus can never exit the laptop.

Laptop purchased for Art Piece

The name of the person who bought the laptop has not been disclosed. According to the reports, the device’s bid was looking like an art sample. In fact, Guo O Dong, who installed the virus in this laptop, wanted to make it a pure piece of virus piece. He named it Persistence of Chaos, which means “the inability of the disturbance”.

This Samsung model’s laptop works on Windows XP’s SP3 operating system. The special thing is that there is also a website for laptops. In this laptop is broadcasted 24 hours continuously.

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