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Apple Surpasses Samsung in Global Smartphone Shipments, Marking a Major Milestone

Apple surpasses Samsung

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple beat/surpasses Samsung to become the world’s top smartphone maker for the first time since 2010.

International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that Apple has overtaken Google as the world’s top smartphone maker for the first time. Despite a global decline in smartphone sales, global smartphone sales declined 3.2% in 2023 to 1.17 billion units, the lowest volume in a decade.

Samsung declines while Apple grows

Apple234.6 million20.10%226.3 million18.80%3.70%
Samsung226.6 million19.40%262.2 million21.70%-13.60%
Xiaomi145.9 million12.50%153.2 million12.70%-4.70%
OPPO103.1 million8.80%114.4 million9.50%-9.90%
Transsion94.9 million8.10%72.6 million6.00%30.80%

In 2023 as Apple surpasses Samsung, Apple sold 234.6 million smartphones, up from 226.3 million in 2022, an increase of 8.3 million devices and a growth of 3.7%. Apple is the only company in the top three to record growth.

Apple’s market share increased from 18.8% to 20.1% in 2023

In addition to showing positive growth annually, Apple also holds the number one spot for the first time ever in the Top 3. Despite increasing regulatory challenges and renewed competition from Huawei in China, the company’s largest market, Nabila Popal, IDC’s research director, said.

The Korean smartphone maker’s shipments have declined from 262.2 million in 2022 to 226.6 million in 2023, a decline of 13.6%. With this, Samsung’s market share has declined from 21.7% in 2022 to 19.4% in 2023.

Samsung’s market share is being eaten up not just by Apple, but also by its Android rivals, such as Google, OnePlus, and Huawei. Apple certainly contributed to Samsung’s decline, but Android’s landscape is constantly changing. Brands such as OnePlus, Honor, Google, and others are launching very competitive devices in the lower price range of high end,” said Ryan Reith, group vice president, Worldwide Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers, IDC. “Huawei is back and making inroads quickly within China.”

Apple’s Sales boost as premium smartphones demand rises

As a result of the rise in demand for premium smartphones across the country, Apple’s smartphone sales have been boosted. The premium segment now accounts for over 20% of overall smartphone shipment worldwide.

Xiaomi and Oppo demands decline

Xiaomi and Oppo, the third and fourth Chinese smartphone makers, reported declining sales in 2023.

The company shipped 145.9 million devices in 2023, down from 153.2 million in 2022, a decline of 4.7%. Its market share also decreased from 12.7% to 12.5%.

In contrast, Oppo shipped 103.1 million devices in 2023, down from 114,4 million devices in 2022, a decline of 9.9%. With this decline, Oppo’s market share also decreased from 9.5% to 8.8%.

Chinese Smartphone Make ‘Transsion’ records good growth rate

A good growth was recorded by Chinese smartphone maker Transsion, which makes smartphones under the Tecno, Itel and Infinix brands. In 2023, the company shipped 94.9 million devices, up from 72.6 million in 2022, a 30.8% increase. Oppo is closing the gap between the company and itself.

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