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Here’s How to Increase the battery life of your Macbook

battery life of your Macbook

The battery life of your Macbook are excellant. Apple uses innovative technology to make this possible. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Batteries will degrade eventually.

In addition, some factors can accelerate the degradation of a battery. For example, overusing the battery, operating at high temperatures, and using it excessively are a few examples.

Be sure to check the health of your MacBook’s battery periodically if you want it to last as long as possible. This is how you do it.

By dimming the display and optimizing video streaming, you can save your battery

Battery resources are drained most by powering the display. Start by lowering the display’s brightness to a comfortable level for your eyes. Bright displays consume more power. Additionally, you can dim the display slightly on battery power and set it to turn off after a period of inactivity by going to System Preferences > Battery (or use the menu bar shortcut described in the previous section). 

If you’re streaming video on battery power, you can dim the screen and reduce battery drain to conserve power. It is also recommended that you customize how long your display remains on to the shortest amount of time possible. By doing this, your MacBook’s screen will turn off when you’re not looking at it, saving you precious battery power. 

Identify the heavy consumers 

You may notice that your battery drains surprisingly quickly if an app is to blame. Several applications may run simultaneously, overloading your Mac’s processor. You may also hear the Mac’s fans working in an attempt to cool down the computer. This all affects your power consumption. To identify the performance-draining app, follow these steps:

  1. The battery icon will appear.
  2. Under Using Significant Energy is the app that uses a great deal of battery.

No doubt, Google Chrome drains your battery quickly. There are also many tabs open, which contributes to the battery consumption. 

In the Activity Monitor, select the activity and press the “X” icon at the top left to terminate it. Select Force Quit. 

If you want to stop the app from consuming too much battery power, all you have to do is choose the app and click Quit. 

Update your software regularly

You can get the longest battery life by staying current with MacOS updates. You can check for software updates in System Preferences > Software Update on your MacBook. The Advanced button will enable you to automatically check for updates, download them automatically, and install them automatically. Check the box next to Automatically keep my Mac updated while you’re there.

Turn off background apps

You will want your Mac battery to focus on only the essentials if you want it to last the trip home. Although you know from the bottom of your heart that this is not the case. While it may seem that it is devoted solely to your viewing of Game of Thrones, behind your back it is playing around with other applications, which uses up your Mac’s resources and drains your battery faster than necessary.

Open the Activity Monitor by selecting Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor and close any processes that you are sure don’t need running at the moment.

It is likely that this exercise will reveal many applications that you were unaware were running. They may be applications you’ll never use, but now want to get rid of them to save battery life and to make your Mac run faster.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There’s a good chance your Bluetooth speakers aren’t blaring music when you’re on the move. But maybe you’re that guy on the train. Furthermore, you might not need or be able to connect to Wi-Fi. In that case, turning both off will give you a little boost in battery life.

Simply choose Turn Wi-Fi off from the Airport menu in the menu bar to turn off Wi-Fi on your Mac.

You can turn off Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and selecting Turn Bluetooth off.

You can also save battery on MacBook by removing unnecessary accessories. Attaching stuff to your Mac will reduce its battery life. For this reason, make sure to eject any CDs and DVDs that aren’t in use if your MacBook is one of the older models. If these media are spinning, the battery will drain quicker. Additionally, disconnect any 4G modems or external drives. Your MacBook will run more smoothly if you do this.

Turn off keyboard backlights when not needed

You can type in the dark using a backlit keyboard, but the battery drain is high. Keyboard backlights can be set to turn off after a period of inactivity, so they are on when you need them and off when you are not using them. Open System Preferences > Keyboard. Turn off keyboard backlight after [X secs/min] of inactivity in the Keyboard tab. Choose between 5 seconds and 5 minutes. 

After you’ve finished using an accessory, disconnect it

To avoid battery drain, unplug USB-connected devices when not in use (such as flash drives). The battery of your MacBook will also be drained if you charge your smartphone or tablet via its USB port without a power cord.


You now know how to make sure your battery lasts longer by taking care of it. You won’t need to buy a battery replacement for a very long time if you use your battery life of your Macbook efficiently and update your operating system regularly.

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