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Hot Issue: Apple Users Speak Out on the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Struggles

I phone 15 pro heating issues

Are you an Apple user experiencing overheating struggles with the new iPhone 15 Pro? Hear what others have to say. The new titanium iPhone 15 Pro is getting a lot of attention – literally. According to many users, the iPhone 15 Pro, which was released on September 22, has overheating – in some cases, to the point where it is too hot to hold. It’s unclear how widespread the issue may be, and Apple hasn’t publicly commented on the reports yet.

In their own tests, the Wall Street Journal found that the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit while charging, and 112 degrees when charging and performing other intensive tasks. A video demonstrating the phone’s thermal tests was also published by the Journal.

There have been complaints about the issue on social media sites in the US and China from iPhone 15 Pro owners.

According to the video, one Twitter user took a temperature reading on the back of their iPhone15 – 42 degrees Celsius, or 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

One user complained on Apple’s website that after just 10 minutes streaming videos over WiFi with the screen at 30% brightness, their iPhone 15 Pro became so hot that they couldn’t hold it. In the same period, the battery also dropped by 15%.

As Bloomberg reported, Apple tech support agents have been receiving complaints about iPhone 15 Pro models getting too hot, and are directing customers to a support page that provides information about what to do if your iPhone or iPad becomes too hot or too cold. In Apple’s support page, it is acknowledged that when you first set up the iPhone, restore it from a backup, wirelessly charge your phone, or play graphically demanding games or streams high-quality video, it can feel hotter.

It is notable that the iPhone 15 Pro model features a titanium enclosure for the first time. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a prominent Apple analyst, any overheating issues are primarily caused by “compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight” related to the titanium frame. Thus, the titanium casing may prevent the phone from dissipating heat, resulting in overheating.

There is no clear explanation for the cause or extent of any overheating issues, and the problem does not appear to affect all iPhone 15 Pro users.

It was much warmer when charging for two Insider editors with iPhone 15 Pros, but they agreed that the phone was still comfortable to hold. While running games or intense apps such as Google Maps, one of our editors noticed that the temperatures persisted off the charger.

The iPhone 14 Pro has also been subjected to similar complaints, but not at the same volume or severity.

Apple could also update its software to address heating concerns.

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