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Apple Sounds the Alarm: The Dangers of Sleeping Next to Your iPhone While Charging

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Sleeping next to a charging your iphone can result in fire, electric shock, injury, and property damage, according to Apple. In addition to ensuring that their phones are charged in well-ventilated areas, they advise users not to put them under blankets or pillows while connected to a power source.

Sleeping near a charging phone can pose a danger, according to a warning issued by Apple. The company emphasizes the importance of proper phone charging and highlights the risks associated with sleeping alongside a charging cable-connected device in a service announcement.

To avoid these hazards, Apple strongly advises users to charge their phones in an area with good ventilation while connected to the cable to avoid fire, electric shock, injuries, and damage to the phone and property.

Apple is very clear in its warning: do not sleep on any device, power adapter, or wireless charger and keep them out of contact with blankets, pillows, or your body when connected to a source of power. Ventilation should be considered when using or charging iPhones, their adapters and chargers. Additionally, Apple cautions against using third-party chargers that lack the safety standards Apple adheres to; it is best practice to invest in “Made for iPhone” cables that follow international safety regulations.

While third-party cables and power adapters that meet USB 2.0 or later standards and comply with relevant safety regulations can be used to charge an iPhone, other adapters may not meet these standards, posing a risk of harm or even death. There are more risks associated with sleeping while charging than just sleeping.

Apple heavily encourages users to fulfill safety measures related to their devices, such as not charging the iPhone near liquids or water, and discarding damaged cables or chargers immediately. Failure to do so can lead to hazardous incidents, including fires, electric shocks, injuries, and damage to both the iPhone and other properties. To sum up, Apple strongly advises all users to take precautions when handling their devices in order to protect themselves and their environment.

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