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The Buzz Around Apple’s Next Big Reveal: What You Need to Know

Apple's next big reveal

The New York Times reports that Apple’s next big thing reveal, but not everyone is confident about it. The iPhone company is reportedly planning to reveal the futuristic goggles, the company’s first major new product since the Apple Watch, in three months at an event in June.

Some current and former Apple employees, however, told the New YORK Times that there is doubt and worry about the product.

There are concerns about the headset’s high price, how useful it will prove to be, and whether it can perform meaningfully in a largely nascent market, according to the New york Times.

Some Apple employees have left the mixed reality headset project because they doubt its potential, while others have been fired for the headset’s slow development and integration with Siri voice assistant, according to eight current and former employees.

According to Bloomberg, Apple executives have also questioned whether the headset will make a big splash at launch.

The first version of the device, which will cost around $3,000, requires an external battery that lasts only a couple of hours, and some early testers have said the goggles are uncomfortable, Bloomberg reported, which also noted that the headset does not yet have a consensus “killer” app.

According to The Information, the headset will feature high-end displays and a physical dial to toggle between VR and real life.

It will be Apple’s newest major product since the Apple Watch in 2015. The headset has been in development for seven years, and has missed release dates in 2019 and 2022.

It has been reported by the New York Times that employees working on the headset say the planned for Apple’s next big reveal in June release could be postponed again due to uncertain economic conditions.

Apple’s executives are not all in agreement when it comes to enthusiasm for the mixed reality headset, with some being less optimistic. However, many anticipate that as more versions hit the market, interest will grow – analogous to the Apple Watch sales trajectory. The current version of the headset costs $3,000 but Bloomberg has reported that there is a plan to create a cheaper model for approximately half of that price in the next two years. Therefore, it appears likely that sales will slowly ramp up over time rather than booming right away.

A report by Bloomberg estimates that Apple will sell approximately a million headsets in its first year, generating revenue of around $3 billion. According to noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will likely ship fewer than 500,000 units this year due to delays caused by “software-related issues.”

Apple still has some convincing to do internally with the mix-reality goggles, with a potential slow start for the product.

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