China Has Developed “Mind-Reading” Artificial Intelligence That Can Measure Loyalty To The Chinese Communist Party

mind-reading Artificial intelligence
  • Multiple outlets report that researchers in China have developed “mind-reading” Artificial Intelligence.
  • In the event they deleted their video, they reportedly said this software can be used to measure party loyalty.

An AI developed by the China’s Pre-eminent National Science Agency, that claims to be capable of reading people’s thoughts(mind-reading, Artificial Intelligence) and measuring their patriotism to the Chinese Communist Party has been in operation for some time reported by Sunday Times UK.

The institute has been experimenting with software that can measure members of the party’s reactions to political education. The software, by tracking people’s facial expressions, brain patterns, and other involuntary reactions, is now able to assess who might be receptive to educational messages in a room.

The study reported that the confidence and determination of a citizen could be increased when they took time to express gratitude. However, this post was taken down following public outcry from Chinese citizens.

Without knowing the specifics of the research, it’s impossible to prove whether this is valid or not.

Before this study, brainwave scans were taken by humans. However, using them to verdict loyalty of someone has not been done before. There are many ethical concerns that come with this type of research and when neuroscience is used for governmental control, it becomes a red line.

The US Department of Commerce sanctioned several Chinese institutes for helping develop biotechnology, including brain control weaponry. As Insider previously reported, the US Department of Commerce continues to investigate different biotechnologies.

The Chinese government is using facial recognition and AI to monitor 1 million-3 million people. These people have been detained in “reeducation camps.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce leveled sanctions against the PRC, citing their attempts to control people with biotechnology and medical enhancements.

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