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6 Simple Tips On How To Start Writing Clean Code

Writing clean code

You want to develop new software and for that, you need to learn to start writing clean code. How to identify if the code a programmer has written should be considered as a good code or a bad code? You know how important it is to write code that is easy to understand and easy to change. No one would even like to read your code if it’s not understandable.

The developer will give up on your codes if it’s too messy to understand. Some programmers just want to complete their coding in hurry to complete their deadline ending up with messy code and hard to understand. No matter how good or bad a programmer you are but always try to write clean code that is understandable by the developer and easy to interpret. Even while designing a website if there is a mistake writing the code the website won’t work as it was expected.

So, how can you start writing a simple and clean code with a minimum fault in it? Programmers need to be very focused while writing codes one distraction can make your entire code fail. Hire a good website developer who know these things in advance.

Tips to Writing a Clean Code

Programmers need to be trained well so they can start writing clean simple codes that are easy to understand and will make you a professional programmer.

1. Readable Code 

It is very important to write readable codes. Your code should include proper line break, indentation, and whitespace that will make your code easy to understand and read. If you don’t give proper space in your code, it will make it hard to understand by anyone. The chances that someone else will read your code is acceptable and if they find your code hard to read they will just give up on your code. Pay attention to the format of your code that will save you and others time and energy.  

2. Unit Testing 

You surely want to test your code once you have written it. Unit testing will make your code easy to maintain and make any change in the future. If there is any kind of bug in your code you can rewrite your code and improve the functionality of your code. If your code fails in the unit test then you won’t be able to maintain and improve your coding.  

3. Short and Simple Functions 

If you keep your functions short and simple it will make your code easy to read and understand. This is good for beginner programmers as this will help them to understand their codes and will make them good programmers in the future. Other developers will read your code and if your functions are too long and hard to understand by the developer, they will initially give up on your codes. No matter if you are a professional or beginner try to keep your functions short and simple that will help you and the other to understand your code better.  

4. Use Meaningful Names 

Programmers have to write so many names for functions, variables, arguments, modules, and a lot more to make sure you write meaningful names in your code. It might take you some time to find and give a meaningful name to your code but it will make your code easy to read and understand. But you also need to limit your names to 3 to 4. Your name should also have a purpose and its use in the code.  

5. Useless Comments 

Programmers write comments to justify their codes and make them more meaningful but some of the comments are useless and not required at all. Comments can help your code to make it meaningful where ever required but in some cases, they can just distract you and others. Even developers can get confused while reading your code. Write comments only if you feel like explaining the behavior of your code or else it will be useless to write a comment were not required. Instead of comment write a meaningful name of your variables and functions.  

6. Organizing your Project 

Organizing your project is also important while writing code programmers need to manage many files, folders, and directories. It can create a mess if you don’t organize your files and folders. Programmers have to delete and create many files and folders and keeping track of all could be challenging. If you don’t organize your work, it could create big confusion among the developers.

Well-organized files and folders will help a lot to understand your project. You can keep complete track of your project. If you want to make any change in the future it will also become easy for you as you know where your project is. Make sure to keep your project well-organized in files, folders, or directories.  

Programming is not just about writing codes but writing clean and easy-to-understand codes. A clean code should look elegant and should pass all the tests. Writing code is not easy you need to understand so much into it before writing a code. Don’t overlap your code that will make it hard for anyone to understand. A programmer is responsible for good quality code.


No matter if you are a professional or beginner you are responsible to write clean and understandable code. If you want to become a good programmer you have to be in charge of your code. No one is going to take the charge to fix your code. Developers will test your code if they find it not working, they will just leave your code as it is. It is not easy to start writing clean code in just one day it takes time and a better understanding of your coding.

With time improve your skills and with experience, you will start writing clean and good code. Some programmers are just in hurry to just complete their project so they just create a mess while writing their code and don’t even check. Don’t make that mistake. If you want to design good software then you need to write good code.

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