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‘AdBlitz’ showcases Super Bowl campaigns on YouTube in 2024

Youtube Adblitz

YouTube has launched its AdBlitz hub before, during, and after the 2024 Super Bowl, where all the Super Bowl ads will be displayed.

In its 18th year, YouTube’s AdBlitz showcases all the Super Bowl ads, so that people can see how top brands approach their campaigns creatively.

Over time, YouTube has become a bigger source of Super Bowl ad viewing than during the game.

According to YouTube:

Based on Comscore’s analysis, 88% of adults 18–49 watched the 2023 Super Bowl ad on YouTube, compared to 68% who watched it on linear television. Comscore also found that 29% of those 18–34 who only saw a 2023 Super Bowl advertisement on YouTube saw it on CTV as well.

There is no way to account for the exposure value of your promotion being broadcast to millions of people watching the game live, but it is interesting to see YouTube playing a growing role in boosting Super Bowl campaigns and extending their value.

As part of YouTube’s Ad Blitz for 2024, all campaigns will be categorized by category, including “Comedy Ads”, “Dramatic Ads”, “Inspirational Ads”, etc.

In fact, now there are genre-specific Super Bowl ads. Super Bowl promotions can sometimes seem overbearing, but they are an interesting showcase of what the top ad creators are doing, which can influence future trends and inspire new ideas.

Marketers benefit from these campaigns in the sense that they provide guidance for their strategic planning.

Obviously, not all businesses can afford celebrity-led, high-end production like the top brands. But it’s all about creativity, and that can help you come up with new ways to boost your own promotions.

There are already a number of campaigns for this year’s game on YouTube’s AdBlitz, including teasers of larger campaigns.

Check out YouTube’s AdBlitz 2024 here.

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