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2023: YouTube Unveils its Hottest Trends, Must-Watch Topics, and Rising Creators!

You tube trends

This year’s YouTube trend wrap-up highlights all the key trends based on user engagement and search behaviors. You probably recognize most of them, either through your own engagement or subconscious exposure.

According to YouTube trends

The Trending Topics of 2023 reflect fandom’s growing role in transforming cultural moments into fully immersive phenomena across shorts, longforms, livestreams, and podcasts. With original series like Skibidi Toilet and Barbie releases, fans have put their own spins on memes, movies, and more on YouTube.”

I remember “Skibidi Toilet”, a random joke clip that somehow morphed into an epic, post-apocalyptic drama series spanning 68 videos.

The story is told through machinima, or computer game-based animation, and many users have found it compelling. For every episode, there are tens of millions of them.

Among other key trends, YouTube highlights the viral “Grimace Shake” response, Jack Black’s “Peaches” from the Mario Bros. movie soundtrack, and Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers”.

YouTube’s top 10 topics (by total engagement) among U.S. users were

Toilets at Skibidi

Shake your grimace


Bowser/Jack Black’s Peaches

Tears of the Kingdom: The Legend of Zelda

Banban’s Garden

The Barbie of 2023

Pluma Peso

AI (artificial intelligence)

(Miley Cyrus) Flowers

While Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson continued to expand upon his online video empire (and beyond), the top YouTube creators were once again Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson and his friends.


Couple in pink shirts

Guild of Toppers


Viva la Vux

Boggs, Ian

Casey, JT

Bui Jeffrey

Twins Stokes

Azelart, Ben

This list always amazes me when it comes to assessing the cultural impact of gaming. There are more than half of these creators who have a direct connection to gaming content, which has become a key pathway into content creation, starting with game streaming and expanding into other fields.

Since most young consumers these days don’t even watch regular TV, they rely on YouTube, and other online platforms for their primary entertainment, gaming is likely to remain a major cultural influence. Their view is that these creators aren’t YouTubers, they’re as mainstream as anyone else, so they’ll keep guiding future creative trends for years to come.

Additionally, YouTube has included a list of “Breakout Creators” and top songs of the year, providing an overview of what resonated in 2023.

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