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Are Social Media Networks Good For Our Society?

Social media effect on our society

Social media is a very strong online platform that everyone is aware of. Social Media Networks help people in connecting, and share information and can even form a small online community people can earn also from Social Networks. How cool it is. Just a requirement of a phone, an internet connection and you are good to go for Social Media Networks.

There are various social networks so people can be on the network which they like the most. We have Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and so many more social media channels. People who are interested in business would prefer twitter so according to different choices we do have different types of social media networks too.

But now the questions is – Is social media good for our society? Before giving any final verdict, let’s explore the benefits or drawbacks of social media channels:

What are the benefits of Social Media Networks 

Benefits of social media network are boundless, and utilizing them can add immense value to an individual’s personal and professional life. Let’s explore:

  • Besides keeping us connected with family and friends, social media networks have transformed the way we communicate, research, market products, and build our personal brand.
  • Social media networks enable businesses to reach a broader audience, understand their customers’ preferences more efficiently than ever before while allowing individuals to showcase their work portfolio or skills in real-time.
  • The ability to share stories instantly has proven useful during emergency situations as well as for educational purposes— students can exchange notes or connect with peers from different parts of the world with ease.
  • Opportunity to Earn Money through Social Networks: One can earn a great amount of money through social media. We have such great examples like – “Kritika Khurana” she is a blogger who posts on Instagram and earns good. She is also a YouTuber and earns through posting on youtube. One can become an influencer/content creator and even a YouTuber and can earn through social media Networks. You can also open a small business and can gather customers or even promote your established business and promote it. 
  • Sharing information is very common; it can be done through WhatsApp and Instagram. Even before being anywhere, the news is on Twitter so you are being real-time updated on what’s happening in the world. Connecting with relatives/friends who live abroad or even in different cities; You can video call too. Maybe it sounds funny but even one can find romantic partners through Social Media Networks.
  • Other benefits of social media networks include acquiring new knowledge through shared experiences online; people with common interests come together on these platforms creating support groups that help each other cope up with various issues affecting everyday lives such as mental health problems like depression or anxiety disorders. Overall Benefits of Social Media Network is beyond comparison!

If you are a very enthusiastic person about trying new things/places/food you can find so much inspiration through social networks.

There is a saying that everything has its pros and cons and it’s very true we discussed the good things about Social Media Networks but it also has some disadvantages which we are going to discuss now.

Drawbacks of Social Media Networks

  • First and foremost would be increased screen time. Most youngsters and even adults are always involved in phones scrolling through social media enjoying reels or just passing their time which in turn wastes their time and also increases health hazards. Eyes being weak, people become obese.
  • Comparing yourself with anyone or everyone you see online lowers self-esteem. Everyone is different, remember we should not need others’ validation.
  • Online crimes are increasing one can be bullied/blackmailed. Cyber harassment is very common nowadays.
  • These Social media Networks collect our data in huge numbers which can lead to hacking and even security breaches.
  • The spread of misinformation through WhatsApp is so common one fake message is forwarded and without checking it everyone believes in it. This kind of message encourages false beliefs like forwarding this message to 15 people otherwise something bad would no, it does not work like that. It is just a clear case of taking advantage of people’s insecurities.
  • Being continuously involved with Social media can make social media Networks someone addicted which is hard to break.
  • The sleep cycle gets ruined completely 

Whole nights get spent scrolling through social media Networks making people lethargic and sleepy the next day which results in some serious health hazards. These were some of the Cons of Social Media Networks.

What are the Impact of Social Media Networks on Society

But the question remains how this thing affects our Society. Let Me answer this for you –

Be it youngsters, adults, old age people everyone is present on social media networks in one or the other way. It can be through scrolling reels,  browsing youtube or even snapchat, Twitter or Facebook.

Let’s take the example of reels. Some reels are worth watching, for example, reels related to finance give us knowledge or answer the question which we want to know but through these reels only we all are involved in mindless scrolling. Same with youtube. Not saying all people just do this mindless thing, some use these technology tools very sharply which works in their favour. But the majority of people are involved in this very bad habit of just scrolling mindlessly without thinking about serious consequences.

So if being asked about the impact of these networking tools in Society we will get mixed reviews. Some will say it’s spoiling them while some will say it’s working well for them.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The only solution to this problem is and converting the impact of negative reviews on Social Media channels to positive reviews we all users of Social Media should make sure that this wonderful technology is being used by us not us humans being got used by the technology and the only way to ensure is being mindful of the content of what we are consuming.

Not sharing any personal information with strangers and most importantly setting a routine for your use of social networks. And for people whose bread and butter is dependent on Social Networks do take a small break in between of its hampering your mental health so that you can be back with more creativity.

Technology is a wonderful tool to humankind if using it wisely gets good results, do some effort and use technology/Social Media Networks wisely”.

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