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How can embedding Instagram feed boost your fashion website and brand?

Embedding Instagram feed

Instagram is the most famous social media platform when it comes to showing off new trends and setting some serious fashion goals. 

Instagram consists of a massive number of fashion influencers who are animatedly pulling off different styles from various brands and giving their followers the taste of quirky fashion sense, in the form of Instagram feeds. Not only this, Instagram feeds are engrossing enough to come under the public eye in no time.

Business owners of fashion brands can use this opportunity to grow their business and spread their brand awareness to a huge multitude of Instagram users. Like this:


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Therefore, embed Instagram feed to your website can help you in gaining a lot of visitors who are aggressively searching for new fashion trends. These Instagram feeds are a creative piece of work that can easily allure your website visitors, thereby increasing engagement on your website.

Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed to Fashion Brands:

1. Increase inbound traffic to your website

Embedding Instagram feed to your website gives your brand a good amount of exposure, by showcasing all your instagram feed from different channels to a unified place on your website.

As the traffic on your website increases, there is a huge enhancement in your sales too. 

Therefore, customers get impressed with the interesting content present on your website and these embedded Instagram feed enable your customers to do the mouth marketing for your brand. Further, this increases your brand reach and makes your brand visible.

2. Brand loyalty and engagement

In this burgeoning online websites for fashion brands, it is really necessary to have a group of loyal customers, as they are ought to stick with you in all the seasons. For this, you need to have good relationships with the visitors on your website.

Embedding Instagram feed to your website makes it very interesting for the visitors to keep navigating on it and improves your interaction with them.

Around 70% of the customers agree that they recommend your brand to the others if you provide them with good customer support. 

3. Different from traditional marketing

Endorsing your brand through embedding Instagram feed to your website is a great way to attract a huge number of customers to your website and keep them absorbed with the engrossing content. It is different from the traditional way of marketing for your brand through blogs. 

It tracks the searches made by the users and shows them the ads according to their interests which is like hitting a hot piece of metal.

Embedding Instagram feed to your website gives you the opportunity to gain a lot of attention that is unattainable in the real world. This also influences your visitors in making purchase decisions and turns them into your potential customers. 

4. Increase your brand recognition

What do you go for in thirst of good products?

The brand! Yes, the simplest and the best way to get a proper product, customers prefer buying it from a recognized brand. Since there exist many spoof brands, making a purchase from the recognized brand is considered to be the safest.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for your business to make your brand popular. Here embedding Instagram feed to your website comes into play, as they are capable enough in building a good name for your brand on the online platform.

Appending engaging and creative content on your website and asking your followers to like and share your content can make an impactful presence of your brand.

5. Real time display ability

Displaying real time feeds on your website has a great importance in alluring the visitors in the presence of many other fashion brands and websites. Embedding Instagram feed to your website helps you in adding fashion elements to your website, thereby giving it an extraordinary look. 

Making your website attractive and interesting can help you in leaving a positive impression on your visitors, thereby making them engrossed in your website for long.

Embedding Instagram feed to your website has a great role to play in making your website interactive and supply them with fresh and unique content to keep up with their excitement.

6. Add shopability

Embedding interesting instagram feed to your website can be advantageous in adding a shoppable factor to your website. It increases the commerce on your website to a great extent.

Instagram feed consists of various hashtags, tags and mentions that allow your brand to get more visible with the enormous amount of feeds being posted.

Shipability features allow business owners to showcase their products in the most effective way whereas customers are able to check all the description about the product easily and make instant purchase decisions. This takes your business to the new level of marketing.

Final Words

Instagram serves as the marketing touch point in the field of online marketing, as it gives a creative way to represent your brand. Being a fashion brand, showcasing your new products to the fashion enthusiasts is your primary goal; therefore embedding fashion rich instagram feed to your website can prove to be very beneficial for your brand.

There are numerous brands present on the online marketing platform that have their dedicated websites, thus making your website stand out is not an easy task, since it requires a great amount of inventiveness. 

Online marketing is the great way to increase the popularity of your brand by making minimal investments. Hence, embedding Instagram feed to your website can make it very effective and make your brand to be a roaring success.

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