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How brands are uplifting their business through TikTok marketing

Brands uplifting with tiktok marketing

TikTok has amassed users since its debut in September 2017, as no other social media has ever before. The platform surpassed 1 billion downloads in just the first year of its existence, according to HubSpot.

Not only that, the average number of monthly users on the platform is 500 Million, which is a lot. And thinking that this social media platform has been successful in only 2 years is nothing short of a miracle.

But, what makes TikTok such a huge hit? Well, there are a few factors that contribute to this user-friendliness. First of all, it is extremely simple to use, making a creator out of anybody with a smartphone. It offers people a strong medium to exhibit their creative skills like never before.

Secondly, the 4-minute video format fits nicely with the younger generation’s short attention span, who usually hesitate to watch a lengthy video or read a long-form blog. The main factor, though, is the golden link between the creator and the platform’s audience.

In contrast to other platforms for social media or content creation, TikTok’s content is fully created by users, making the content even more responsive, authentic, and likely to appeal to the general public unlike other digital marketing promotional services offered by conventional firms.

Coupled with sophisticated video editing software, TikTok content has emerged as a holy grail for marketers in recent days. Here are the 5 ways brands are leveraging TikTok for enhancing their market reach.

5 Ways Brands are Leveraging TikTok for Expanding their Reach

1. Influencer Marketing

Ever since the term ‘social media’ was conceptualized, voices of ordinary joes and janes have received more attention than conventional brand ambassadors, forcing brands to shift their priorities on social media platforms from well-established superstars to new and independent influencers.

These influencers are committed to certain businesses or verticals which makes it easier to reach a specialized audience with a greater rate of conversion. The influencers are trusted by their followers, which reduces the brand’s efforts to develop confidence (although it is essential nonetheless) and makes it simple to reach their best consumers.

While they are required to locate the appropriate clusters of potential consumers before, companies now simply need to discover influencers who adhere to their brand’s values.

Once this is established, these influencers, who promote the businesses, will lead to enormous commitment. Brands have been actively leveraging influencer marketing on TikTok to increase their market presence in recent days.

2. Leveraging User-Generated Content

Content produced by users is arguably the most effective and the least traversed route to success in social media marketing. This is most likely because it is a quite new approach and many are still reluctant to give consumers the freedom to produce brand material.

However, many successful campaigns on TikTok are evidence that user-generated material may make people talk about a brand for days, provided that it is not entirely controlled by the company alone. As stated before, creating content on TikTok is extremely simple, and therefore more individuals are ready to join on the bandwagon.

These social media conversations may lead to increased brand awareness and broader coverage for new groups in society. These may be groups who wouldn’t know about the brand if they weren’t for their cousins who filmed UGC for the brand on TikTok.

3. Creating TikTok Challenges

Challenges are a trend on TikTok, where a person begins by challenging his followers to do a simple task and film it using #challengename. This causes a snowball effect and can go viral very quickly.

According to the latest TikTok brand marketing report, over 90% of analyzed videos on the platform had some form of product placement. This points to the increased inclination of brands on the platform.

TikTok videos see a lot of activity around them, from the Haribo Challenge (which features Adele like you) to the Raindrop Challenge. When it takes form, there is a struggle – there’s nobody pushing it, and that’s probably what thrills the public.

A thoughtful and timely challenge on TikTok can never go wrong with companies. But the companies must increase their influence over the material they produce, since to this younger generation, the only thing more valuable than the internet is an unmotivated and unrestricted pleasure.

4. Creating TikTok Stickers

TikTok enables all its users to apply unique stickers to the videos. This may provide a business a fantastic chance to create a brand character that the audience did not anticipate.

Brands leverage these to display a distinct image of their persona or maybe emphasize the guys behind the curtains—the individuals working hard to make your brand what it is. This will provide your consumers a glimpse – an insight they didn’t realize they sought.

Stickers serve as your unobtrusive identifier without disrupting the unofficial, unadvertised vibe of your work.

5. Posting Relatable Content

Influencers were famous because they were not gods on earth, but they were ordinary individuals, who chose to share their life with the world owing to either interest or plain boredom.

These individuals and their problems were none of the usual, ordinary people and that is why they connected strongly with them – a strong contrast with large-scale celebrities who have been promoting companies for many years with their glitter and glamour.

This segment of related content producers niched further with TikTok. All of the ordinary Joes and Janes began producing these films to enjoy themselves as micro-influencers. Their material, however, was much more relevant than the influencers that made them liked and respected even more.

The more related the material, the more confidence people have in content producers and, if a user recommends or supports a product or a brand, the greater the possibilities of conversions.


TikTok is a very recent addition to the social media industry and there is more to learn about it as we go, but it has an obvious influence that can no longer be ignored.

As the platform moves towards advertising and monetizing content, it can be anticipated that companies and brands would grow on the platform and so would the TikTok ideas for business marketing.

Moreover, as more companies are embracing TikTok for their marketing campaigns and plans, it is clear that the platform will remain popular among people in the foreseeable future.

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