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5 steps to Optimize Facebook Ad Creative for Better Results

Optimize Facebook ad creative

Facebook is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than a billion users on the platform every day, this social media platform is a treasure trove for brands looking to gain popularity on Facebook. Facebook offers innumerable targeting options that help you increase reach on Facebook and also make sure that your potential customers feel a positive reaction after seeing your ad on the social media platform.

Before going on to how to optimize your Facebook Ad creative for better results in 5 steps, you need to know the benefits of Ads on Facebook because this will help you understand the investment you will be making by choosing Facebook Ads. 

  • Advertising on Facebook provides your brand with impressive and detailed analytics that will help you gain a deeper insight on the performance of your Ads and how you can improve them. The social media platform gives you reports and analytics through the Ads Manager and you will be able to analyze the data given on your post engagement, clicks, sales, weekly reach, page likes, conversions and even the posts that have gained the best performance. This information allows you to increase reach on Facebook.
  • Facebook Ads creative allows you to tailor make your ads to a specific objective. This simply means that you can customize your ads based on the objectives in your marketing strategy. This allows you to control your ads and create a message that will resonate the essence of your brand which will help you gain popularity on Facebook.
  • Using the ads feature on Facebook right is imperative because with the specific targeting, you can get the clicks through rate and conversions for an affordable price. You can target the right audience base to reach out to and do so for a low price. You will find yourself spending a minimal amount of money and an increased reach on Facebook as well.

Which brings us to the five steps to optimize Facebook Ad creative for better and improved results. 

1. Know the purpose of your Facebook Ad creative

Identifying the whole purpose of your Facebook ad creative is important because you need to know whether you would like to build an audience, generate leads or even educate users in order to increase reach on Facebook. This helps in narrowing down the purpose and helps you in knowing your creative because the creative restricts the scroll and copy converts.

2. Installing the Facebook Pixel on your official website-Facebook Ad creative

Before starting any Facebook ad campaign, you have to make sure that you have added the Facebook tracking pixel on your official website and pop up campaigns because the results are going to be more than worth it. 

Facebook Pixel is a small code that you can add to your website of your brand because it helps to track how users interact with your website and provides extremely important data that allows you and Facebook to know who really your target audience is. After you have followed through this, make sure that you make your most interactive posts into ads because this will increase reach on Facebook.

3. Utilizing the fast take off method-Facebook Ad creative

While launching the new Facebook ad campaign to gain popularity on Facebook, make sure that you have assigned a daily budget because you do not want to use accelerated delivery for this because then Facebook will then focus more on the speed of the delivery rather than the quality and the cost. 

Once your ads have made more than ten thousand impressions, you can analyze what works for your brand and the areas you can improve, after which you can also lower the value of your budget. A point to remember is that you need to give the social media platform at least a day to modify the performance of your Facebook ads after every edit you have made. Make sure that after you have made new changes to your Facebook ad campaigns, wait for at least another day or two before drawing results and conclusions.

4. Combating ad fatigue with rotation of ads

Studies have shown that the ad frequency has affected the cost per click and click through rates of the ad campaigns on Facebook. This simply meant that the greater number of times the users saw your ads, the more bored they got.

When you create a number of variations of ads that have different ad designs and then proceed to set up the ad campaign with these sets and different ads, and by scheduling every set of ads to be active on a different day, users will not find your ads to be repetitive which will increase reach on Facebook.

5. Make sure that you test your ideas with the Facebook A/B test

One of the best ways to test your ad creatives on Facebook is to run a quick A/B test on the social media platform. You can run ad designs, bidding methods, value offers, ad placements, call to action buttons, objectives of the ad campaign and even the ad copy through this test.

Wrapping it up

Optimizing your Facebook ad creative is trial and error, and honestly not an easy process because you need to invest the time, effort and hard work to increase the performance of your ads without increasing the budget. These 5 steps to optimize Facebook ad creatives will help your brand gain popularity on Facebook.

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