SpaceX’s Three Former Engineers Launch a Robotic Pizzeria That Bakes a Pizza Every 45 seconds

Three Former SpaceX Employees Invent a Robotic Pizzeria

Welcome to the future, folks! These three former SpaceX engineers have just launched a robot that makes a pizza every minute. 

The launch of Stellar Pizza’s delivery service might turn out to be a delightful treat and a new year’s gift for the people of Los Angeles. The former SpaceX trio of Benson Chai, Brian Langon, and James Wahwison came up with the brand ‘Stellar pizza’ in 2019. Another interesting fact is that the CEO of Stellar pizza used to work in Elon Musk’s company for five years. His job was to design battery systems for Rockets and satellites. 

Now, he has nearly 20 former SpaceX employees working to build an automated pizza-making robot that fits in a truck. As mentioned by these engineers, this robot can make, bake, and top the pizza within 5 mins. This phenomenal invention by these former SpaceX engineers will be operational in the year 2022.’

A glimpse from behind the curtains of Robotic ‘Stellar Pizza.’

The idea behind Stellar pizza is the simplest one, with Stellar Pizza launching a robotic pizza maker that whips out a pizza in 45seconds. Well, it just sounds like a dream come true for pizza lovers. After all, who does not like a hot cheezy pizza. Such an invention might turn out to be a revolutionary one. The interesting fact is the size of the machine. A pizza maker like that has a good chance at gaining a stronghold in the pizza business. 

Kudos to the brilliant mind of Stellar Pizza’s CEO for such a brilliant idea. Moreover, he created a team of varied skillsets for putting the idea to action is simply commendable. One of the team members of Stellar Pizza, Ted Cizma, is a former executive chef of SpaceX. 

How do Stellar Pizza’s Robotic Machine Function?

After the news of a robotic Pizzeria, everyone is wondering how the pizza-making robots will whip out a pizza in under five minutes?

The process starts with putting the homemade pizza dough in the machine. The dough gets pressed for the device to add sauces and other ingredients. Then the raw pizza is placed in any one of our high-temperature ovens in the machine. According to the team of Stellar Pizza, this whole process merely takes five minutes. 

The fact is that if Steller Pizza can implement such an idea. It just might revolutionalize the entire business of Pizza making and pizzerias.  

In conclusion,

We live in a technologically advanced era, where Artificial Intelligence is just beginning to take over various business domains. 

We are living in the future, folks! The launch of automated pizza joints is living proof of the fact. With robotic machines whipping out pizzas in just a few minutes is going to revolutionize the entire business of pizza making. 

The fact that the former employees and engineers of SpaceX will put their plans in action from the beginning of the year 2022. 

Kudos to the pizza lover of Los Angeles, the USA, for upcoming treats from the ‘Stellar Pizza.’

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