How AI May Replace 30 Million Jobs, With Women Most Affected, Says ILO

AI Replace millions of jobs

A new study by the International Labour Organization, or ILO, published on Monday finds admin workers and women face greater risks of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) may replace millions of jobs of men and women both.

According to the study, automation affects women more than twice as much as men.

According to the ILO, 7.8% of jobs held by women in high-income countries could be automated or may replace by AI.

On the other hand, 2.9% of jobs held by men in high-income countries – or around 9 million jobs – are potentially automated.

About a quarter of clerical workers’ tasks are exposed to generative AI at a high level, while 58% of their tasks are exposed to it at a medium level.

Among the jobs that could eventually be automated were typists, travel consultants, scribes, contact center information clerks, bank tellers, and survey and market research interviewers.

However, the study found that most workers’ tasks are not significantly at risk from AI.

Only 4% of service and sales workers’ tasks are exposed to high levels of generative AI, and 18% of them are exposed to medium levels. Therefore, the greatest impact of this technology is likely not to be job destruction, but rather changes in job quality, particularly work intensity and autonomy.

To predict how jobs might be automated, the study used GPT-4, the large language model behind ChatGPT.

Additionally, AI’s socioeconomic impacts will depend on how its diffusion is managed, and the costs to affected workers may be “brutal.”

AI could disrupt jobs in the future, as this study adds to previous research.

Similarly, McKinsey found that generative AI could benefit white collar workers rather than replace them, while Goldman Sachs found that administrative staff are especially vulnerable.

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