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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Calls for Regulating Bad AI Use Cases, without Stifling Technological Advancement

AI Regulations

In New Delhi, IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna emphasized that artificial intelligence (AI) does require guardrails and regulations to prevent harm to users, but that the focus should be on regulating bad use cases, not on slowing down the technology.

According to Krishna, AI will have a positive impact on certain repetitive and mundane human tasks in the future but AI also need regulating too.

With artificial intelligence, you may be able to spread misinformation very quickly now. It is possible for AI to enhance the persuasiveness of misinformation. As AI can easily cross boundaries, bad actors will move from one country to another to spread harm, so stopping AI won’t accomplish anything,” said the CEO of the tech giant of Indian origin.

A sensible and practical solution would be to regulate bad and harmful uses of AI.

The goal should be to identify bad AI use cases and tell those behind them that if caught, they can face penalties, fines and criminal charges, etc.” said Krishna.

At the B20 Summit India 2023 last week, Krishna said AI will take on certain low-level tasks and boost overall productivity, which will help the economy and companies grow.

He said the goal is to ensure that tech companies have a “secure and accountable AI”.

According to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, the Indian government will not regulate AI, but will regulate user harm resulting from AI and create robust guardrails.

The Minister stressed that AI will be a kinetic enabler of our digital economy.

In the field of AI, Krishna also believes that bad actors must be punished.

It will not be effective to pause or license AI altogether,” he told IANS

As a global powerhouse of AI, India strives not only to integrate foreign chatbots but to create next-generation AI-based innovations to empower billions of people.

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