IT Jobs Are in Demand as Companies Go Digital

IT jobs are in demand in India

Since coronavirus pandemic, IT sector is on the rise, setting a new record. The demand for IT jobs are growing sharply. The companies like TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, and Wipro are hiring more IT graduates to meet the target of successfully completion of IT projects of offshore clients transforming their businesses into digital.

TATA Consultancy Services(TCS) plans to hire 40,000 people from campuses by the end of this year whereas Infosys can hire up to 25,000 from campuses this year, and Wipro has not disclosed any number yet but the company plans to hire more employees this year than the last year.

Infosys chief Pravin Rao said “Growth in the IT sector are on the top, most of the growth volumes are happening in India, which means there is a higher demand of IT jobs in India.”

Analyst predicts that IT sector’s top five companies TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and Tech Mahindra planing to hire more than 1,10,000 employees this year, compared to 90,000 last years.

The attrition rate of TCS records 7.2% low in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year while the attrition rate rose sharply for Infosys and Wipro.

Some of Bengaluru based companies claiming that there would be further increase in attrition this year as they were undertaking the measures to retain talent. Infosys chief Pravin Rao said that the attrition rate is nearly 15% at the high end of the company average which is higher than the last year. He said “this year we added 20,000 people from campuses globally and we plan to add 25,000 people from campuses”.

Saourbh Govil, HR chief at Wipro said “we are continued in high pressure of attrition this year and has also promised bonuses to niche skilled based jobs such as Cybersecurity, AI, and or domain experts.”

Companies like DXC technology, Mindtree and others are hiring more employees this year to increase the attrition rates.

Mindtree has not disclosed the exact numbers but chief executive Debhashis Chatterjee said that we have hired 1600 people in the first quarter of this year – a combination of both campus or off campus jobs. And, in the next two quarter are expecting more hiring than the first quarter.

Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that the IT jobs are at the higher attrition rates in the era of Covid-19 pandemic.

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