Sam Altman’s Remarkable Endorsement: Why Vision Pro is the 2nd ‘Most Impressive’ Tech Since iPhone

Vision pro

According to Sam Altman, Apple’s Vision Pro is the “second most impressive” technology since the iPhone burst onto the scene in 2007.

On Friday, days after the Vision Pro was officially released for $3,500, OpenAI CEO made the comments on X.

The vision pro is the second most impressive technology since the iPhone

Posted by Sam Altman (@sama) on February 9, 2024

With the mixed-reality headset, users can interact with digital media that is integrated with the real world.

Like Apple’s iPhone 15 years ago, the device has the potential to usher in a new normal.

However, Altman believes the Vision Pro is only the “second most impressive” device to emerge in the last 17 years despite its revolutionary technology.

As he didn’t clarify, it’s safe to assume he was referring to artificial intelligence – and perhaps OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

He has previously said AI will change the world in ways not seen since the iPhone put a computer in people’s pockets.

ChatGPT is already influencing industries and daily life in unprecedented ways. Altman has reportedly told developers that he wants ChatGPT to become a “supersmart personal assistant” at work.

Despite Altman’s love of ChatGPT, another user suggested Vision Pro had a bad name in response to his Friday X post.

I think chatgpt is a lot worse,” Altman replied.

Altman has maligned OpenAI’s now-household name before.

In December, Altman told Trevor Noah on the comedian’s podcast, “What Now? with Trevor Noah,” that the name was horrible, but may be too ubiquitous to ever change.

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