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Why is a Personal Loan Preferred Over Other Types Of Loans?

Personal Loan

Until a few years ago, people used to borrow money from family and friends when they needed extra funds for various expenses. However, times have changed, and millennials now prefer securing instant Personal Loan to support their affluent lifestyle. With increased financial knowledge and repayment capacity, they often opt for a loan instead. Besides these changes in consumer behaviour patterns, know why most people look more favourably upon Personal Loans.

Personal Loans are unsecured loans with a convenient online application procedure and quick approval and disbursal. Their ease of access through the financial institution’s website or online loan app is the primary reason for their growing demand and popularity. Over the years, Personal Loans have quickly become the go-to means of funding for both self-employed and salaried individuals. 

Benefits of Obtaining a Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is an excellent funding option if an individual wants extra funds for higher education, leisure travelling, medical emergency, debt consolidation, shopping, or home renovation. These loans are unsecured, which means borrowers do not need to pledge collateral to apply for a Personal Loan online. Instead of exhausting savings or borrowing from acquaintances, taking a Personal Loan is extremely advantageous under various circumstances. They are highly beneficial because of the following reasons:

1. Helpful in Building Credit

Borrowing a Personal Loan involves making regular EMI payments towards the pending balance. Financial institutions report the borrower’s payment record to credit bureaus, based on which they evaluate the individual’s creditworthiness and determine their credit score. 

Consistently making on-time payments helps increase the credit score. That also means the borrowers can damage their scores if they default or make late EMI payments, making credit harder to obtain in the future.

2. Pay for Expenses Over Time

Borrowers receive a Personal Loan as a lump sum amount that they can use to pay for any planned or urgent expenses. Whether they want to make a large purchase, pay medical bills, fund education, plan a wedding, or finance a foreign trip, borrowers can pay for the expense at the moment and repay it to the loan provider over time. It is a good strategy to live a dream life without disturbing your savings.

3. Fast Access to Cash

Personal Loan processing time varies between loan providers. However, many financial institutions offering Personal Loans via an online loan app advertise funding within a few hours. So, those facing unexpected cash needs will find Personal Loans actually feasible. However, carefully research and compare the loan schemes before finalising a Personal Loan lender. The actual time it might take depends on the applicant’s eligibility, creditworthiness, repayment capacity, documentation, loan size, repayment term, etc.

4. Easy Debt Consolidation

A Personal Loan for debt consolidation helps borrowers streamline their financial situation by paying off various credit card balances and loans with a single loan. Besides reducing the number of payments to make each month, it also reduces the overall interest outgo by securing a better deal than the existing ones. Some loan providers specialising in debt consolidation directly pay off the borrower’s debt instead of transferring cash into their account. 

5. Freedom to Use for Anything

Personal Loans are so popular because of their versatile nature. Borrowers can use them for almost everything ranging from home improvements, shopping, and weddings to education, travel, and medical emergencies. Although acceptable usage may vary by lender, most financial institutions allow borrowers to utilise funds for any personal, household, or family purposes. 

6. Competitive Interest Rates

Although Personal Loan interest rates vary between lenders and individual applicants, financial institutions offer the best rates to applicants with high creditworthiness and repayment capacity. Those with a high income, fewer financial obligations, and a good credit score are low-risk borrowers for financiers. As a result, they often get better interest rates than others. So, before you apply for a Personal Loan online, take time to research and compare the rates offered by different financial institutions.

7. Flexible Borrowing Limits

Different financial institutions have varying borrowing limits, typically based on the consumer’s borrowing needs and repayment capacity. Remember that qualifying for a big-ticket Personal Loan is more challenging than getting a smaller, less risky loan. Alternatively, those planning a smaller purchase will find a small loan the better option. 

8. No Need for Collateral

Personal Loans are unsecured, which means they do not require any collateral to pledge as security. That means the borrower has no risk of losing an asset like their home or gold if they default on the loan. However, qualifying for an unsecured Personal Loan will demand a higher credit score, better income, and fewer financial obligations to obtain the required funds. 

9. Easier Management

Many people apply for an online Personal Loan to consolidate their existing debt. Its single, fixed-rate monthly EMIs are easier to manage than making several payments on different dates at various interest rates. Borrowers qualifying for Personal Loans with lower interest rates can streamline their regular payments and save money. 

10. Pocket-Friendly Repayment

Once availed, borrowers can pay off their Personal Loans in easy EMIs or monthly instalments. Most loan companies have flexible repayment terms, and they allow borrowers to choose a loan tenure according to their monthly repayment capacity. It will enable optimising the monthly outgo according to their DTI ratio. Use a Personal Loan EMI calculator to decide on a loan term with pocket-friendly EMIs and repay consistently.

11. Easy Documentation

The processing time and paperwork required for Personal Loans are much lower than most other loan types. KYC documents are enough to get a loan without hassle. Those applying for a Personal Loan through an online loan app can simply scan and upload the required documents without involving any physical paperwork. 

With so many benefits, Personal Loans offer ideal financial support to lead an enviable lifestyle. Their easy availability, fast access, and convenient repayment in EMIs make them the most sought-after loan options today. So, those looking for instant funds for various reasons can easily apply for a Personal Loan online and get the required funding instantly. 

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