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10 Best Residential Areas and Sectors to Live in Noida

Best areas to live in Noida

Noida is a well-planned city in Uttar Pradesh. Noida is also a part of Delhi NCR.

The Noida has emerged as one of the most vibrant cities in recent years.

People like Professional, Family, and Bachelors are more prefer to live here. Even the cost of living in Noida is much lower than Delhi.

Noida is a good city with full of all amenities for all class of people. Before moving to the list of top cities let’s discuss the some areas which makes the noida one of the best areas to live in:

  1. IT Development: With the growth in the IT industry, Noida has become the most prominent city in India.
  2. The city has excellent facilities: Noida provides all modern facilities, infrastructure, excellent public service etc.
  3. Variety of options are available: However, there are different options for living in Noida like high and low rise apartments, luxury apartments, builders’ floors, and independent houses with open spaces, parks, modern shopping complexes and malls, hospitals, and educational institutions.
  4. Cheaper Rent: Noida is a very close to Delhi offering lifelong lifestyle and affordable housing with much lower rent price compared to Delhi. Noida is a good place for those who want to live in Delhi at affordable cost. The houses are open and luxurious to compared to other parts of Delhi-NCR.

Here we have listed some of the best areas to live in Noida where you can live a healthy and luxurious lifestyle:

1. Sector 15 Noida

Noida Sector 15 is one of the most prominent sector of Noida. Noida Sector 15 and 16 are also known as the IT hub of Delhi NCR. India’s top leading giants or reputed companies are here.

Due to the well developed infrastructure the sector is good for families and working professionals.

The area has major connectivity through metro and road transport.

There are many restaurants and malls near to this sector.

There are good residences here at good prices. The area has a clean and green environment.

2. Sector 55, 56 Noida

Sector 55 and 56 are the fantastic areas to live in Noida with affordable amenities on an affordable budget.

These areas are popular for living. Even the area is the safest area to live. There is CCTV surveillance in the area.

The region has very good accessibility and superb connectivity with other places.

There are nearby banks, ATMs, schools, colleges, restaurants, etc. in this area.

3. Sector 22 Noida

Sector 22 of Noida is one of the best areas to live in Noida.

The area is highly developed. People easily get homes at good prices.

The area has excellent facilities such as parks, hospitals, banks, and schools.

This sector is well connected to the rest of the city by metro and road transports.

4. Noida Sector 44

Noida Sector 44 is the best place. The area is very popular for living.

Everyone loves to live here because the sector is very close to India’s largest malls names are DLF Mall of India and GIP(Great India Palace). Noida is well known for these two malls.

The sector also offers superb facilities at affordable prices.

This area is well connected with other parts of Noida.

The area also has great transport connectivity.

Sector 44, Noida provides great basic facilities such as schools, malls, hospitals, banks, ATMs and restaurants.

5. Noida Sector 47

Noida Sector 47 is a major residential area.

It is a high quality of living with independent house or villas. The area is well connected with other parts. This is one of the safest place of Noida. And, the sector is for upper middle class people.

The area is surrounded by greenery.

Markets, shops, malls, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and ATMs are easily accessible in this area.

This is a very popular residential area for the family, graduates, and professionals etc.

6. Sector 39 Noida

Noida Sector 39 is one of the most popular residential areas in Noida.

It is the best place for all types of tenants.

It is the most developed and highly populated area in the city.

The area provides very good connectivity and easy access to nearby areas such as ATMs, restaurants, schools, colleges, etc.

7. Sector 137 Noida

Noida Sector 137 is a major sector of Noida.

The area is a hub of real estate.

This region is quite popular due to its location because this is the central point of Noida. All major routes of different sectors are divided from this sectors.

The area is well connected with the metro and other transport.

The area has great basic facilities like hospitals, parks, schools, housing societies, banks, ATMs, restaurants, etc.

8. Sector 75, 76 Noida

Sector 75 and 76 are the best areas to live in Noida. The sector is known for high rise builder floors.

The area is popular for living with easy metro and transport connectivity. These sectors provide excellent facilities at affordable prices. The area is well connected to the rest of the city.

This area provides you with the best basic facilities such as parks, gyms, hospitals, stores, restaurants, banks, ATMs, malls, and schools.

9. Sector 19 Noida

Sector 19 is also a most popular sectors in Noida.

People in this area can easily find homes at affordable prices. The region is also well connected with other parts.

The area is surrounded by with modern amenities such as schools colleges, malls, shopping centers, markets, etc.

10. Sector 18, 27 Noida

The sector 18 is the most popular area of Noida which is basically known for the commercial hub of the Noida. People come here to shop from different parts of the region of Noida or Delhi-NCR.

Where sector 18 is know for commercial hub, the sector 27 is well famous for residential hub which is very close to the sector 18. These are the most popular areas to live in the commercial and residential sectors.

The area has easy access to other parts. This area is surrounded by the best shopping malls, such as Mall of India,  Great India place, etc.

This area provides you with excellent connectivity with metro and other transport facilities.

The area has excellent facilities for banks, ATMs, food points, restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, etc.

Final Verdicts

All the above sectors are one of the best areas to live in Noida. Apart from these sectors if you want to live in a new sector which is green, spacious and less crowded then Sector 150 Noida is one of the best areas to live in Noida.

Sector 150 Noida is the next most premium sector in Noida with 80% green and low density sector. The area is known for its 9 hole golf course, the International Cricket Academy and a sports city with a variety of other sports facilities.

India’s largest park in this area is named Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park which is spread over 42 acres. What’s more, the sector is a completely wire free zone. It is the upcoming most premium sector of Noida where top reputed builders of India come together to develop the sector.

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