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Indian Real Estate Witnessed a Remarkable 35% Increase in Demand from NRI Customers

NRI Real Estate

NRIs, or non-resident Indians, may be experiencing a Swades moment. Instead of returning to their homeland, they have been observed enthusiastically purchasing property within the country. According to Reports there has been a 35% annual increase in NRI investment in Indian residential real estate. This growing trend is particularly noticeable in their inclination towards gated communities, which provide numerous amenities.

It is no secret that gated communities are a popular choice among NRIs as well as affluent Indians. Just a month ago, a Hyderabad-based construction firm launched a Rs 3,000 crore gated community project, claiming that it is the largest in the city with a steady rise in rentals.

These communities provide not only enhanced security but also a host of modern lifestyle resources that contribute to an elevated lifestyle and high returns on investment (ROI) if they decide to rent or sell.

Why NRI investments in indian real estate are on the rise

NRI have increased their investment in Indian real estate due to technological advances, especially since everything is now online.

According to the NoBroker research, NRIs are increasingly buying properties in the gulf countries, followed by Singapore, the U.S., and Australia.

It’s no surprise that Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai have seen the highest demand by NRI in indian real estate

In tandem with this trend, NRIs are also showing significant interest in senior living properties for their parents or grandparents. Generally, these properties have healthcare facilities or partnerships with nearby health care providers. As a result, their elders can receive medical assistance from the comfort of their own homes.

The majority of NRIs (65%) are opting to purchase properties for personal use, either for themselves or their parents.

Trends to watch

According to the NoBroker half-yearly report, the Indian real estate market is changing, especially when it comes to renting.

The primary reason for the preference for 3BHK units over 2BHKs in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi-NCR is the hybrid work culture where more space is needed for both work and living.

According to the report, 40% of landlords are considering investing in a new property for the first time in many years.

Generally, gated society properties are rented out 30% faster than non-gated society properties, according to the report. 52% of those surveyed in Delhi said their properties were rented within a fortnight. 46% of those in Mumbai reported the same.

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