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4 Best Axis Mutual Funds to Look out for in 2022

best axis mutual funds for investment

Axis Bank Mutual Funds, being among the top fund management companies in India, provides a diverse variety of fund alternatives, including hybrid, equities, money market, and debt funds, to meet the diverse investment demands of its investors across all asset classes. Axis Mutual Funds, as a fantastic investment choice, provides you with the potential to amass money for the future, allowing you to accomplish your ultimate financial objectives in life.

You could invest in Axis Bank mutual funds using the Systematic Investment Plan in order to reap the best benefits of the mutual funds (SIP). This necessitated the continuous investment of a little sum of money at specified periods, which over time accumulated into a substantial financial corpus within the long run.

Axis Blue Chip Fund

Axis Blue Chip funds are those funds that invest primarily in the equities of large-cap businesses that are the most valuable as well as least volatile on stock exchanges, as defined by the SEC.

As a result, Axis Blue Chip Fund has invested nearly all of its total assets in the stocks of large-cap firms, resulting in a conservative investment strategy that generates consistent returns over the long term. For risk-averse investors, this fund is the best ideal investment option because of its low volatility.

It has regularly surpassed its benchmark as well as average category returns across a one-year, three-year, and five-year time span, according to several return frameworks. After five years, it has generated returns at a rate of 13.06 percent, which is much better than that of the category average of 10.78 percent over that time period. The smallest amount that may be invested through SIP is Rs. 1,000.

The Axis Focused 25 Fund 

Because Axis Focused, 25 Direct is an equity strategy that trades in 25 different equities (big cap, mid-size, or Axis small-cap fund, you should anticipate seeing quite strong returns from the fund. An annualized return rate of 13.21 percent is achieved by a diversified investment strategy with such a relatively high-risk factor scheme, which is comprised of the following components:

Axis Long Term Equity Fund 

Investing in this open-ended equity fund provides the opportunity for long-term capital growth for its investors. The investment in this fund choice is made through a diverse portfolio of equities and equity-related securities with the goal of accumulating wealth over a lengthy period of time. As part of a diversified equities fund, the money is mostly invested in large-cap and mid-cap stocks, among other things. Individuals with a high-risk tolerance and a desire to accumulate money over a lengthy period of time would benefit the most from investing in this product.

Axis Ultra Short Term Fund is a mutual fund that invests in short-term securities.

As even the name implies, this is really a super-short-term fund that invests in assets with a Macaulay period of between 3-6 months, which is considered to be extremely short. This debt strategy, which is considered to be relatively low-risk, has generated annualized returns of 7.31 percent. For those new to mutual funds, this fund might be a wonderful place to begin their investment journey.

Axis Regular Savings Account

In order to offer consistent income, this fund choice invests a significant portion of its assets in debt and money market assets. The primary goal of this fund would be to generate a consistent stream of income for its investors. This fund choice is most ideal for investors who seem to have limited tolerance for risk and who like to receive a consistent stream of income at regular times.

What factors should you take into consideration before investing?

Increase the diversity of your holdings

Mutual funds invest your money directly in blue-chip firms, while others focus on certain industries such as banking, real estate, and other related sectors.

Some mutual funds might provide a combination of equity funds as well as debt funds, depending on your needs, in order to provide greater flexibility.

Consequently, an investor selects the most appropriate combination of assets and risk profiles in order to generate value and lucrative returns. If an investor intends to make 1 or 2 equity fund investments, he or she should diversify across many industries and asset classes in order to construct a robust portfolio.

Take into consideration a long-term strategy

Another key factor to consider when selecting a mutual fund is how well it will fit into your long-term financial strategy. In case of a return, risk, liquidity, as well as tax efficiency, the fund must be the best option for you. Even the greatest funds are worthless if they do not assist you in achieving your objectives. As a result, selecting a fund is a highly individualized process.

It is vital to monitor the situation on a consistent basis

Most investors overlook the need to routinely review their mutual fund investments to determine their performance, which is a critical component of mutual fund investing. This enables the investor to distinguish between the types of investments that are performing well and those that are not performing as expected by the investor.

Other funds from axis to add to your watchlist: Axis small cap fund and Axis midcap fund


As soon as this information is accessible, the investor may make an educated choice and consider reallocating funds from current underperforming investments to more profitable avenues that will ensure the long-term development of the client’s overall portfolio.

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